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How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Saginaw, Michigan
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How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

My wife and I were looking at learning to snorkel and that made us look at Roatan. Now that we have started planning our trip we see that in a lot of lists of best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean that Roatan is not on the list but other places are priced more? Is it really a good spot to snorkel? Would we enjoy it more somewhere else? We do like the price of Roatan compared to other places so that is something we need to watch if you think another spot is better... price! Thanks

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ontario, Canada
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11. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Roatan IS part of CA?

Thanks, Steve. That was very helpful.

Menlo Park...
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12. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Lists are drawn generally by people who have not been everywhere, unlike some of us. And Roatan was long off the travel radar. Now it’s on the radar but still way cheap.

I encourage you to get on the YouTube and just fill your spare time viewing videos of snorkeling and diving at various destinations. You’ll discover that there are billions of recent Roatan videos compared to a few of other better known islands. And what you see will impress you for better and worse. THAT? That desolate empty rocky bare scene is StJohn?

Burlington, Canada
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13. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

"Good" snorkeling can mean two things. Snorkeling where you have to access the reef by boat ($$, your time is limited at each snorkeling spot, you may have a lot of people's fins in your face, the day you've booked your trip may not be calm, you may have a snorkeling guide throw bread in the water to attract the fish (completely unnatural practice), you will have people at different comfort levels of swimming, you may have to "stay" with the group which limits where you want to explore, you may spend more time on the boat getting to the reef than actual time snorkeling...to mention a few things. On the other hand "off shore" snorkeling means you can simply get your mask and fins on and access the reef by a short swim from shore. Roatan offers the latter. It has excellent off shore snorkeling. Most people do this from the West Bay/West End area of Roatan as the waters are more often than not very calm in that area and the reef comes very close to the shore. And the water is very clear.

You will see both coral and fish in Roatan.

If you want the vacation to be about snorkeling you should absolutely go to Roatan. As you will have had your first snorkeling adventure in Roatan ... your next challenge will be trying to find a location as close and reasonably priced as Roatan which has better shore snorkeling.

I've been off shore snorkeling in Grand Cayman, Akumal, Puerto Morelos, Cuba ... Roatan far surpasses all of those locations.

Roatan also has a very unique vibe. Most people that love to snorkel return for consequent visits.

Cleveland, Ohio
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14. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Very good snorkeling. You can walk in from the beach swim a bit and find lots of sea life

San Rafael...
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15. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

I had the opposite experience when doing online research for the best Caribbean and Mexican snorkeling destinations a few years ago, Roatan was consistently at or near the top of various lists and forums. After 4 dive trips which included lots of snorkeling, I'm a big fan of Roatan snorkeling and for reef snorkeling (as opposed to deep water) it has surpassed a number of other Caribbean and Mexico destinations where I've snorkeled. I bet you'll love it!

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16. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Most Popular and Best are two drastically different places. Mostly because the popularity destroys everything.

West End, Honduras
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17. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

It's great & it's free. What's not to like?

Keller, Texas
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18. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

We have been to almost all of the Caribbean islands snorkeling and are going back to Roatan after our week there last year. Why? Because the snorkeling and the reef are fantastic. Hubby is not much of a swimmer so he is able to snorkel in very shallow water right off the West Bay beach. I, on the other hand, am a water baby and can go further out to snorkel. Tons of fish and coral. Nice sand beach and good restaurants. Great people! I can use US dollars there and for us, it is a direct 3 hour flight from Dallas. Only negative would be the sand fleas which love me, but I use strong repellent and have found these buggers on almost every Caribbean beach so I can't avoid them unless I go back go Hawaii.

Menlo Park...
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19. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

What constitutes "best" snorkeling is of course a subjective matter. Since you have never snorkeled before it's hard for you to tell us what you would prefer to see. Some folks on their first excursion see some minnows under a dock, and that's perfection, and they write it up, how lovely it was and they return to that spot every year and venture no further. Others need to see big critters, or small critters. Others like to see a few fish and don't object if the underwater scene is otherwise sterile, sandy, rocky , empty. Roatan offers something for everyone, especially us coral lovers. Coral covers everything on the reef..it's pretty spectacular to see. And where there's coral there are lots of fish. And you can see all this just by walking in off the sandy beach, without a long or expensive or constraining excursion. Of course scuba diving is a better way to see and appreciate everything, but you can try that later.

As I said in my post#12, you can easily go to YouTube to see conditions at different places. I love one series of videos on Roatan that were shot by one shop in West End, Quality Time Divers. Dozens of professional videos shot with a GoPro with a red filter and well edited, giving you an excellent sense of what you will see.

Tokyo, Japan
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for Hakone-machi, Minato
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20. Re: How good is Roatan snorkeling, price??

Yap and Palau are in Micronesia. Tahiti is South Pacific. If people don't know, then they need to be taught.


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