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Roatan and sand fleas

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Roatan and sand fleas

We are planning on visiting Roatan during the first week of August, 2011; Very excited, but recently read repeated concerns about sand fleas. Is this a significant consideration? If so, is it significant enough to look for a different destination, or does it merely require bug spray; Also, if it is an issue, are there particular areas of Roatan where it is not an issue?

Thank you

Sudbury, Canada
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1. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

If you type 'sand fleas' in the search box you will get tons of information. Personally we didn't have a problem with them in West End and West Bay.

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2. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

thank you

Amsterdam, The...
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3. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

i did get bites but i think they were mosquitoes not sand fleas. regardless there are bugs there but nothing that would ruin your trip. bugs normally love me. so we covered ourselves with off skintastic spray, which has minimal deet, and used vick's vaparub on our pulse points. as well i took an allergy pill every morning in case i did get bitten so the bite wouldn't flare up. for most of the vacation we were fine with this and only got a couple of bites. we ran out of skintastic during our trip and had to buy off deep woods which has a crazy amount of deet and when we sprayed it on it was just a coat of dripping oil which was gross and it smelled awful so we used it sparingly and that's when we got bitten. just make sure you're completely covered in a bug spray that you don't find offensive and you'll be fine.

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4. Re: Roatan and sand fleas


Davie, Florida
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5. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

use at least a 35% DEET product as it is tested to work. sand fleas bite around the ankles and feet so make sure they are covered.

Pataskala, OH
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6. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

When we were in Roatan last month, I used this stuff I bought on Ebay called "Buggspray" and it worked great.....the formula I used was specifically for biting flies. Didn't smell bad and had 25% Deet. I sprayed it on my feet, ankles and legs in the afternoon and evening and was only bitten a couple times the whole week. I am usually a bug magnet so I was pretty paranoid before I went. We stayed at IB and they rake the beach which seems to help. There were women at the airport when we were leaving that had so many bites on their legs it looked like they had the measles. I also use Jergens self tanner products when I go on winter vacations and I am convinced that it repels mosquitoes......I can't stand the smell either but if it keeps me "bite free" and looking less albino-like, I can handle it!

Vancouver, B.C.
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7. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

Hello CV

Sent you a tripadvisor PM.

Burlington, Canada
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8. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

Avoid beach late afternoon -dusk and early in the morning....this is when the sand fleas are the most active....if you have to be on beach at this time or are walking around at this time of the day wear deet...Infinity Bay sprays for bugs and they light oil lanterns at night to keep bugs away....was quite good here...only came home with one or two bites....the year before came home with about 20 bites on my legs as the last day I decided to stay on the beach and watch the sun set.....WRONG....

Fort Atkinson, WI
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9. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

We stayed in a wonderful villa in Pollytilly Bight - perched on a ridge. We were told to spray a few time per day, and before we went out by the pool. We, too, brought the Bug Spray. It worked, but so did the OFF with 25% deet. The OFF was much quicker and worked beautifully for us. I am a "mosquito magnet" and did not get one bite. Something bit my husband on the back one morning and he still has a red dot 3 weeks later.

So, go figure. My guess is that early evening is a prime time if you're down near the beach. We were up where the breezes kept them moving.

No matter what, you are in for a wonderful vacation!

Monroe, Connecticut
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10. Re: Roatan and sand fleas

I also used the "Buggspray" product - thanks to information received on this site. The night I did not use it - big red marks appeared that looked similar to measles. They disappeared in one day. I used the product for the remainder of the trip and never had another issue.

Warning - I did see a lot of women (not as many men) with noticeable bug bites. You will get bit if you do not use a product and apply it liberally after coming out of the water.

I felt 1 - that's right 1 sand flea on the East End of the island. Sprayed some more bug spray on and never felt another one of those suckers...

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