Gorilla habituation and camera equipment question


3 of us are going for the safari that includes chimp and gorilla habituation experiences. Gorillas in Bwindi.

I see most of the information on the internet talks about the regular gorilla trek and not the habituation.

If any of you have done the habituation, here are some questions for you..

- I see in many places that in the regular trek, you are supposed to leave your backpacks behind when you are about 100m from the gorillas and whatever camera equipment that you need with gorillas has to be carried.

Does this apply to the habituation experience too as this is 4 hrs? I'm wondering if I need to carry everything in hand for 4 hrs.

- I am planning to carry my canon 80D with 100-400, Sony RX1 which is 35mm, Sony RX100 point and shoot and iPhone 7 plus and gopro for videos.

Any tips on if I should take something more or less?