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Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Montreal, Canada
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Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Anyone having reserved and rented a car through NU Car Rental, which at Bucarest airport uses Premium Rent ? Their rate are surprisingly low...

How was it?


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11. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

No recomiendo PREMIUM RENT Bucharest!!! Teníamos seguro con ellos, nos cobraron de mas por cosas que el coche ya tenia. Cobran con tarjeta pero no cobran en €, al cambio en LEI te cobran 4-5 € demás, aparte que son mas lentos, casi una hora hasta que nos hicieron todo el papeleo del coche y otra hora en devolverlo!!! no volveremos alquilar con ellos nunca!!!

Montreal, Canada
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12. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

It's probably old but for those who are looking at the post:

Very very bad experience. They hold on to your deposit for 30 days. False advertisement, Bad cars and poor quality. Customer service reps don't know their business.

Gainesville, Florida
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13. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Do not rent from NuCar. They are complete scam artists. We had a very bad experience with them and will never use a car rental company other than one of the internationally known ones, Hertz, Avis etc. You will not save money using this company, and will end up with more frustration than it's worth. The manager is a complete low-life -- doesn't care at all about customer service. STAY AWAY!

Munich, Germany
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14. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

First of all ---> NEVER rent a car from this ****heads!!! Sorry for the bad language!

On the initial rent day the employee showed up half an hour late at the airport in Sibiu with the car but only after i had several calls with the agency in Bucharest. In the contract made online there was mentioned a deposit of 600€ for the Dacia Logan i rented. When i got the car he said for this class the deposit is 1000€. I tried to stay calm. Today (27.08.2017) he hasn't showed up at all to retrieve the car. After several calls with the headquarter in Bucharest they said that they can't reach the guy and i should park the car and leave the keys hidden inside the car. I had no choice because my flight was leaving in 45 minutes. After taking several pictures of the car i left it in the parking space at the airport. I called the HQ again and informed them about it. After reaching my destination i called them again to ask if the guy was in the meantime there to take the car. NO he was not. If they are going to try to rob me of my deposit (the car is without any damages and cleaner as before i got it) they will have to face my lawyer and i will gladly sue them into bankruptcy after all the things i read here.

I never write reviews and also had no tripadvisor account before this experience but to warn other and to get rid of my anger i made an account and wrote this.

!!! NEVER RENT AT Premium Rent !!!

Be wise and rent at the well known car rentals.

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15. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

awful, absolutely do not rent a car here

Wiesbaden, Germany
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16. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Buyer beware! This is a company that uses preditory practices. They lure you with the low price quote and then catch you with all sorts of bogus fees. I dealt specifically with their Bucharest office. I found it odd that this company didn't have a booth at the airport, but had someone pick us up instead. We were then taken to a location on the other side of the fence from the other companies. I waited for my turn at the counter...30 minutes after my reservation time they saw to me. So I was quoted 180 dollars for my 10 day rental of a dacia duster. Ah! But that price did not include a tax to drive on the roads! That will be 100 euros. Ah! The tires on the vehicle are for winter driving...that will be another 45 euros. About the deposit... they need to block off 3500 euros on the credit card in case of damages. I was in an absolute hurry to get to an appointment in town so I signed the damn contact and left. Huge mistake on my part. I should have walked away after all of the red flags. I return the vehicle and was told that during the final inspection that there was a scratch on the door. That will be 1000 euros. These scam artists know exactly what they are doing. Save your time and money and go with a reputable company. The piece of mind is worth it alone! I'm so disgusted with this experience.

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17. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

There are so many one and two shot posters on here berating this company that I reckon that it must be a good company.

My only experience of the company is from a recent visit to Romania.

My car hire representative could not be found at the airport. The guy front this company could not find his customer.

I approached him for assistance.

Not only did he offer to phone my hire company on my behalf but he gave me a hot spot from his mobile so that I could look up my car hire website.

He then contacted his office to provisionally book a car for me from his company in case my guy failed to turn up.

A lovely friendly and obliging chap.

Edited: 23 November 2017, 12:20
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18. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Stay away from these fraudsters. I experienced the same thing as other people posting on here regarding unexpected price hikes at the airport plus at the end of my rental they charged me 1000 euros for a scratch that wasn't there upon car return. I had booked the car through NU rentals but this is only an online front for the "Premium Rent" business at the airport. A tactic which they're employing in the hope that official complaints will not stick to the physical part of the business but to the online mirror only.

It is only a matter of time before the authorities will catch on to their scam and a definite connection is made between the online front attracting the majority of complaints and the crooks running this so-called business. If only enough official complaints are filed against Premium Rent with the local Bucharest Economic Fraud Police they would probably have enough evidence to put these thieves away for a very long time. Official complaints can be filed with these guys (. https://b.politiaromana.ro/ro/structura/servicii-centrale/serviciul-de-investigare-a-fraudelor).

There are a number of official complaints filed with the local authorities - mine included. I can confirm management are being investigated for fraud and legal proceedings which will very likely lead to their bankruptcy are well under way. In the meantime they continue to take customers money with the knowledge that their days are numbered.

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19. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

Hi thereI, I'm in the same situation, have you never had back you money?

Edited: 30 January 2018, 08:59
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20. Re: Experiences with Premium Rent (NU Car Rental) ?

I do suggest Premium Rent - go on their website and book a car - they will write to you a mail and will pick you up at arrival close to florist shop - suggest to add all insurances - no problems is a good company

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