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Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

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Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

When I arrived in Brasov on the train I was confronted by many rip-off taxi drivers. I knew the distance and all the rules about checking the rate on the car, using a meter etc. That aside they were standover bullies all trying to charge between 50-80 lei for the short trip. I always download the city map on google maps and have the route downloaded [ you can download maps for offline use] the route is shown and can be followed even if you are offline due to your phone's GPS. You can show this to the taxi driver so they know you know the route and you can follow it in the car to make sure they are staying on route. As it turned out I met a lovely honest taxi driver named Soren ph Romania 0725375989 who not only took me to my accomm in Old Town for 9 lei, but we organised for an honest tour the next day, Bran castle, Rasnov citadell and around town in a clean safe air/con car with a knowledgeable English speaking guide for a reasonable price [ euro]. This suited me as I am a solo lady with limited time. I'm sure I could have done it cheaper but I was time limited and enjoyed the ease of pick up drop off and local knowledge feeling very safe and secure

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1. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

I completely agree about the rip-off taxi drivers at the main station. Arriving tired and ill with luggage after a seven hour journey, we tried to get a taxi with a working meter - but no luck. Ripped off once, we were careful the next time, but had to ask over a dozen drivers before we found one with a meter that wasn't removed or 'not working' or replaced by an app on a mobile phone. This isn't about the responsibilty of tourists for vigilance as much as it is about an entrenched problem that the authorities refuse to acknowledge or fix. If Romania / Brasov wants tourists it needs to clean up its act.

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2. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

Hi for all tourists out there, please spare yourself the headache and unpleasantness of being ripped off by rogue taxi drivers here and download uber instead (I don't use it much in my home country).

We used it all the time to get around Brasov, ie

-from Brasov Train/Autogara 1 Bus Station to our accommodation and vice versa

-From our hotel to Autogara 2 (to catch the bus to Bran/Rasnov) and also back

-From our accommodation to old town and back

I think we must have used Uber at least 8/9 times within Brasov itself.

On average, each trip cost us the equivalent of around 1.70 euro (I believe that is the minimum). Prices are set by uber and you don't have to handle cash. Waiting time is never more than 3-4 mins .

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Brasov, Romania
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3. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

The taxi drivers at the train station are so bad, I myself prefer to use Uber. As Uber does not always have available cars (and not all Uber drivers are perfect), sometimes you need to take a cab. Although the right price is about 50 cents per km (2 lei or a bit under), it is allowed by law to practice higher fees (1 EUR or more for day tariffs). The main problem though would not be the price itself, but using longer routes and cheating on the meter. Unfortunately, none of those problems are easy to prove and the police ... well, let's just say there are bigger problems to solve and there is no direct incentive for their motivation.

Taking all this into consideration, there are several things to consider when you select a cab in the train station:

1. Do not accept the ride whose driver waits for you inside the train station or offers to help you with the luggage. There might be exceptions, but the common practice for regular cab drivers is to wait in or by their own car, most of the time alone, not talking with the other drivers.

2. NEVER take in Brasov a cab that has only a taxi sign (with a red and green bulb) as identification

(just something like this https://goo.gl/K4RFDr or this https://goo.gl/M4gHXL). Sometimes the companies have simple signs, but then the name and phone number are clearly visible (https://goo.gl/6EMguV).

Instead, try to find company cars (if there are more with the same specific turret shape, probably there is a company). Just some examples are "Brasov" - the independent drivers association, "Martax"-most cars, "Ro", "Bratax" or "TOD".

3. Do not take the cabs near the sidewalk in the immediate vicinity of the train station exit. Try to notice where the queue is forming; the last car would be in the opposite direction from where you are approaching the cars.

(in this street view https://goo.gl/SuWutD the cars on the right are not to be used; the "regular" cars are the ones towards the left; in this satellite view https://goo.gl/h8bovk you can clearly see the queue and the first cars are most probably not to be used)

4. If the driver asks you where to, choose another one if you have the option. This practice should not be allowed.

5. If the price is not displayed (at least) on both front doors of the car (it should also be on the dashboard), do not take that car.

6. If the price is not clearly written or the comma separator is not clearly indicated, do not use the car.

7. If you meet a local while travelling, ask him/her to choose a car for you. Most of us would gladly help.

I hope this will give you a better chance in choosing the right cab. Enjoy your ride and your stay!

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4. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

You are absolutely right, the taxis at the train station will attempt to rip you off, and not a small amount! We arrived at 2300, and we're quoted 100 leu by the drivers! Paid less than 8 to our Uber driver. If they continue the practice of gouging tourists, hopefully they will eventually be forced out of business.

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5. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

No doubt about it. Last week I arrived in Brasov from Moldavia and should have arrived at at 9PM but I arrived almost midnight. Due to fact that I lost my phone in Chisinau I couldn't contact the owner of the apartment I was going to stay. So I was very stressed and didn't pay much attention when the taxi driver charged me 80 LEI (I had been using moldavian Lei for a week so in my mind it sounded like 4€). Adding to this he refused to call the owner because he was chating with his girlfriend on Facebook camera all the way long.

After dealing with my situation and finally managed to get in the apartment I realised I was ripped-off.

By the way it is easy to identify this taxi driver: tallest guy I saw in Brasov, nice clothes, nice watch, brunet (very), slick hair and english speaker. One time I was in a taxi and gave this description to the driver and he immediatelly identified him.

Two days later I was in the bus going to Sighisoara and saw this con artist at the entrance of the station and when I came back I looked for him but he was't there anymore. And again the other drivers identified him.

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6. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

the goverment must take action. i was charge 30 lev from bus station to old town. only in brasov the taxi driver ripped off tourist, other part of romania the taxi driver are very polite and follow the rule

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7. Re: Taxi from Brasov Train to Old Town

Arrived at the train station at 2330. Used uber 5 min wait. A tip. When you come out of the train station on the right is the taxi rank ( unpleasant con men most seemed) in front of you are a few bus stops. UBER will pick you up to the left of where the buses are.

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