Canus Games Sister cities Orillia Ontario and Auburn NY


My name is Heather and my town of Orillia Ontario use to be sister city to your town of Auburn NY. We use to have what was called CANUS Games, where our young people would compete in sporting events for one weekend, each city switching off every year. The year I was chosen to go to Auburn and carry the Canadian Flag in the opening parade was wonderful. We stayed with the mayors family and had a great time in your lovely town. I have started a group on Face Book called CANUS Games and have had a great response from people here who remember it fondly and some Auburn(ions). I am inviting anyone who was a part of the games either as a child or an organizer to join the group. My hopes are to reunite or a possible reunion. Ultimate goal to start them back up. It really was wonderful. Please follow the link to the group. Thank you

Heather A Fraser

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