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China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

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China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

Link to airlines website


1.Passengers flying with:

China Southern Airlines flights,

China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights,

Domestic flights on Chongqing Airlines or Xiamen Airlines that connect with China Southern Airlines international flights or China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights.

2.Passengers with Connecting time:

8-48hours(included) for international-to-international, international-to-domestic ,domestic-to-international

domestic-to-domestic:Overnight Transit,no onward flight on the same day,less than or equal to 24 hours with an overnight stopover

3.Transit in Guangzhou


Contract hotels of grade A

1.Transfer between international and domestic flights or between international flights and the class of the international flight is First or Business

2.Sky Pearl Gold members or Skyteam elite plus

3.Transfer between domestic flights and both classes of the two flights are First or Business

Contract hotels of grade B

1.Transfer between international flights on Economy class

2.Transfer between international and domestic flights and only the domestic class is First or Business

3.Sky Pearl Silver card or Skyteam elite

Contract hotels of grade C or D

Other transfer passengers eligible for free accommodation

Transit Free Hotel At Guangzhou

Ⅱ  Notes :

1.Please visit China Southern Airlines website (Home>Online Service>Transit Accommodation), and book transfer hotel by yourself.

2.Please ask sales staff when purchasing the ticket to help you book transfer hotel.

3.If you can not book transfer hotel successfully or have any further inquiries, please contact 24-hour hotline 0086-20-8612 4008.

4.Passengers who have booked transfer hotel please go to CZ transit accommodation service counter located at No.20 gate on the first floor of the Terminal,we will confirm the hotel accommodation information and arrange free shuttle bus for you.

5.International transfer passengers should obtain an entry permit from Chinese immigration for their transfer stay.

Useful tips

1.Services provided by China Southern Airlines include free accommodation for one night, free breakfast for the passenger, and free shuttle bus between airport and the hotel. Any costs incurred for additional services must be paid by the passenger.

2.For any further inquiries regarding transfer services or seeking help, please contact 24-hour hotline 0086-20-8612 4008 or send email to nhzz@csair.com.

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51. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours


Having had a long transit in Guangzhou on 4-5 May, I think that your report provides a lot of useful information for travellers on Southern China Airlines who have a long transit through Guangzhou. However, I can add some further information, based on my own experience.

Firstly, while most people transiting Guangzhou are likely to be doing an integration-international transit, free hotel accommodation is also available to passengers with China Southern doing a domestic-international or a international-domestic transit with more that an eight hour layover. However, the process is more complicated, at leas in the case of a domestic-international transit because you arrive in a different part of the airport from where the transit accommodation desk is and you have to find your way to the desk.

I agree with you that it would be useful to know which hotel options are available specifically pr economy class passengers. The distances to the hotels differ considerably, and despite some of the claims made in this forum, the standard of the hotels available to economy class passengers does vary considerably, if one is to believe the reviews on TA.

Something that is not explained anywhere that I could find is that if one uses the China Southern's online booking system, rather than waiting until you arrive at the airport, the system displays information on each of the hotels from which one is eligible to choose, including distance from the airport. Furthermore, it is possible enter the system to find out which hotels are available and then leave again without making a booking. This is important because it enables you to do some research on the available hotels and then later come back to book your choice. The booking engine then gives you a booking number. I found doing this very useful because when I gave the person at the desk the number and my boarding passes and my booking number he was able to confirm my booking and give me the label indicating where I was headed in less than thirty seconds.

I found that shuttle back to the airport was much earlier than was necessary, given that I had checked through my baggage and held a boarding pass for the next flight. The advice I was given was based on allowing three hours before departure. However, two hours would have been more than sufficient and would have let me have an additional hour's sleep.

I would add a point on communications. One consequence of Google's withdrawal of service from China is that Gmail is no longer accessing unless you are on a VPN service, even though your mail is stored on a server outside China. However, I found that FaceTime worked flawlessly for voice. or Apple users (MacBook laptops, iPhones, iPod Touches), this is useful to know, as free wifi seems to be available almost everywhere.I didn't try vision. The only place where I couldn't get free wifi was the airport. Free wifi is available there but it seemed that to register you needed to have a phone or WeChat account.

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52. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

hi, i have bought CS tic flying this september.

CAN to LAX transit time will be 12:50pm > 9:35pm = 8h 45m

i should be entitled free hotel since my transit time is more than 8 hours. but what if the flight delay and i reach at 1:45pm that makes my transit time left 7:50pm, do i still get my free room?

CAN to PEN transit time will be 5:15am > 5:15pm = 12h

i understand that most hotels check in time is 2pm and check out time is 11am

since out transit time seems so awkward do we still get to enjoy the rooms regardless our transit time?

i need confirmation on these questions is because im a malaysian and i need to apply for the china visa in order to enjoy the free hotels. if i wont be getting the stay if the flight delays then i should only apply for a single entry visa instead of 2 entry.


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53. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

Go onto the China Southern website and go to the section where you can book transit accommodation. If the website lets you book the accommodation, it's yours. The website will tell you what you are eligible for and which hotels you can book. If you are travelling in economy it is worth checking out the available hotels on TA. They vary quite a lot in standard and location. I chose a hotel that is only fifteen minutes drive from the airport and highly rated by travellers.

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54. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

ChrisTina L Re: #52 - You shouldn't need to apply for any visa for China since you are transiting both times in 24 hours or less. The only restriction I've seen for Malaysians is when transiting through Xiamen, which isn't an issue for you. However, leaving the secure area to get to the hotel is not guaranteed during your transit and you could end up having to stay in the departure gate area, so having a visa would prevent your being stuck air-side for the layovers, even the 12 hour one.

The one time I made use of the free transit hotel in CAN I had a 9 hour layover. I arrived at CAN at about 5:30am, checked into the hotel around 7:30am, and checked out about 5 hours later. For transit passengers they do not adhere to strict check-in times. Apparently it is the scheduled arrival times and scheduled departure times that are used to determine the 8 hour layover qualification.

I didn't pre-book the hotel, just walked up to the Transit Hotel desk, handed them my on-ward connecting flight boarding card, and they checked my flights in their computer and asked me to select a hotel, giving me a choice of 5 or 6. I do by the way have a multiple entry China visa so going through Immigration to get to the hotel was not an issue for me.

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55. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

Only when your country is listed within the allowed 50 countries to take advantage of their hotel accommodation. Otherwise, you need Chinese Visa. No it’s not free for all!

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56. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

Post #55 is just wrong.

A transit hotel room is free for all transit passengers that meet the transit criteria and you do not have to be a citizen from one of the 53 Transit without Visa (TWOV) authorized countries.

Here is the China Southern criteria for a free transit hotel: global.csair.com/ES/GB/FLUS/ZZFW/GZZZ/GZSE

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57. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours


Your advice to ChrisTina L, that she does not require a visa if she wants to avail herself of the free accommodation provided by China Southern during a transit of 24 hours or less. As indicated in the following information, passport holders of Malaysia are NOT eligible for a 24 hour TWOV and therefore do need to apply for a visa in order to take advantage of the free transit accommodation:


Also, I think you may have misunderstood the point being made in the admittedly poorly worded Post #55. I think that the point being made is that a person who is not eligible for a TWOV needs to obtain a visa in order to take advantage of the free transit accommodation and obtaining a visa, in turn, carries a cost.

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58. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

aussietravman - Your link is to a non-official site that is out of date. If you go into the Timatic data which is used by the airlines, this is the restriction on Malaysians: "This TWOV facility does not apply to nationals of Malaysia transiting through Xiamen (XMN)." There is no blanket restriction for 24 hour transits through China for Malaysians other than Xiamen. Also note, your referenced website says the 144 hour TWOV is applicable to Guangdong Province, which it is not - still 72 hours.

You misread my reply to post #55. It had to do with the statement that a person in transit had to be from one of the TWOV countries (incorrectly stated as 50 countries - not the current 53), which is incorrect. That requirement is only applicable to qualifying for TWOV stays of over 24 hours up to 72 hours and has nothing to do with the free transit hotel.

Here is the link to the new China Southern Free Accommodation Requirements page, updated for Terminal 2 information at CAN: https://tinyurl.com/yd87hnc3 , and it still makes no mention of having to belong to one of the TWOV authorized 53 countries to qualify for a free transit hotel. If you have a specific reference to where it says what was posted in #55, then I stand corrected.

But thank you for challenging my posts as it's now reaffirmed my feeling that posting on TA has become too much of an unappreciated waste of time that I can spend more productively elsewhere.

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59. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

I have re-read your reply to post #55 and it seems quite clear: namely, that eligibility for free transit accommodation is independent of a person's visa status. However, I am unable to make sense of what you have said about post #55 in your reply, despite having re-read it several times. However, I don't disagree with anything you have said about eligibility for free transit accommodation. All that I suggested was that you may have misunderstood what the poster of #55 was trying to say.

With regard to the information on the website to which I referred, I am not in a position to comment on its currency or accuracy, except to point out that on the page on China Southern's website headed "24-hour Stay Permit" the statement is made that "Except passengers from the 53 countries who enjoy 72-hour visa-free transit, passengers from other countries will typically not be granted a temporary entry permit.". Of course, that statement may itself not be accurate.

Finally,you say that the website claims that the 144-hour TWOV is applicable to Guangdong Province. However, what the website actually says is that the 144-hour TWOV is "to be implemented".

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60. Re: China Southern Free Transit Hotel. 8-48 Hours

Dear JohnP1950,

Please don't feel unappreciated or waste of time in anyway for sharing your experience here. with your comments you've shared, it did helped me on making plans with my coming trip. I hope your comments can help others in future too.

Thanks alot and also to the rest of other contributors.

Im applying my chinese visa and looking forward to enjoy the free hotel rather than stuck at the departure area wasting so many hours without a place to rest.

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