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Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

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Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

I don't understand the appeal of changing hotels in the middle of your holiday. Isn't it just another hassle having to pack everything up to move to another hotel? Not to mention a waste of a day and the extra expense. I stayed at the Rosen Inn@ Pointe Orlando last time I was in Orlando (it was still QIP then) and found it easy to get to Disney on the Lynx bus. When I return in September we are staying at The Hampton Inn Convention Center and hoping travel will be just as hassle free. I notice quite a few people stay at two different hotels when they visit. Is it really worth it?

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1. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

I think some people stay at the Universal hotels a few days just so they get the free parking and free express pass for the universal parks which is a good idea if you can be bothered. I like staying put myself as our hotel is super duper.I think the holiday goes fast enough to waste time checking in again elsewhere but some people must like it.

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2. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

If we plan on visiting Universal we always like to stay onsite. 2 or 3 days is plenty for us there. We then move across to Disney (SSR). On the day we leave Universal we leave in the morning, go out for breakfast, visit the malls and then head over to Disney. This isn't a wasted day for us we just use it as a shopping day. We have been many times and so don't feel we have to have our days completely organised and jammed packed, I think you'll find that many people who do spilt their stays are in the same situation.

So in answer to your question "Is it really worth it?" Yes for us it definitely is :)

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3. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

Well, I've done lots of 'road trip' type holidays so am well used to moving our family of four out in 20 minutes - we stayed in 8 different places in 2 weeks on one trip so changing hotels mid-week is something we wouldn'y think twice about if there was good reason for it! We stayed in two different hotels on our visit to Orlando, since each offered different perks for the parks they were nearest. Changing hotels during the week took a total of about one hour - packing up, getting a taxi to the new destination and checking in the new place. It had no impact on the activities we chose to do that day in terms of shortening time we spent anywhere, and both hotels were great in different ways. Each to their own and I totally understand why some people think that's a waste of time on your holiday, but it doesn't have to be any big deal and can mean you can get the best of both worlds instead of making compromises on where you stay.

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4. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

I agree with those who switch mid-trip if they are going to do Disney for part of the trip and Univesal/Sea World for part of the trip, particularly to stay on property at each place. Yes, it is a hassle to move one day, but we have a car with us and just pack it up like we do for any trip, and unpack it at the next hotel. The hassle is more than offset by the benefits of staying close to where we are visiting.

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5. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

I will aslo be doing 10 days in disney and then on the early evening move to i drive to be closer to universal etc .

We will still have the day at the park we choose to go to and the evening taking in our new surroundings and dinner really for a fresh start the next day .

We are then able to use the Lynx Busses On i drive as we have no car .

Can't wait now lol.

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6. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

We split between Disney and Universal a lot. I just like the perks, especially at Universal, of being on site. We usually do our moving very early in the morning so that it doesn't take up any of our park time.

Bunny74-Unless things have changed since March there's no free parking at Universal. I believe it's $15/day to park at the resorts, same as the parks. You do get free parking at the theme parks with a Universal Orlando annual pass but you still have to pay at the resorts.

All parking (theme park and resort) except for valet is free for those staying in a Disney resort.

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7. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

I don´t mind changing hotels either if its planned ahead before the trip would like it if it happend of out of the blue lol


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8. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

Last trip was the first time we changed hotels..we did it not once but twice..first week we stayed in disney and did disney, second week we stayed lbv and did seaworld aquatica and other stuff then the last week was relaxing week so we got a villa with pool..it was really nice and certainly not a waste of a day..we packed up and would move to the next resort about mid day..i did find it useful as i could keep an eye on the suitcase room and make sure we wasnt buying too much that we could not get home.

Next trip we will be going to orange lake for the first week, miami for the second and disney for the third, so again will be moving hotels three times but for different experiences.

People do it for different reasons..if your way works for you..great this way works for us.

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9. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

We're staying at The Point Orlando Resort for 10 days in October but because my husband wants to play golf at the Rosen Shingles Creek resort we're going to take up their special offer of 1 night's 'stay and play'...so I suppose that's another way of trying a different hotel without having to pack everything up.

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10. Re: Changing hotels in the middle of your holiday?

We have done this twice in orlando,middle of holiday we did two days in dolphin,we only brought what we needed and left our belongings in homewood suites.

We go tthe EMH perks,deluxe hotel in great surroundings,couldnt afford our three weeks there,and it added lovely memories to our holiday