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Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

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Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

I received a nice looking vacation certificate called "Getaway To Paradise" which offers 3 days 2 nights hotel stay in many of the tourist locations across U.S. and was originally very excited about the experience I was going to get. Well...here follows a very frustrating story.

1. The certificate states that you have to send in the certificate with $50 refundable deposit in the form of check. Once the check is received, a welcome letter will be sent with reservation number that I can call to book my reservation. Well... when I got the welcome letter several weeks later, I was shocked. The welcome letter was printed on some high-school looking paper with one reservation number that no matter how many times or what time of day you call, it will always switch you to voicemail. Nice to hear that there's a reservation line who never picks up to take your reservations.

2. When I finally got their sales' marketing number to track down my only hope of booking for a vacation, (813) 289-7772, they transfer me over and over and the system either hangs up by itself or just go into more voicemails.

3. The certificate only states that reservation for the hotel is "limited during holiday, peak seasons and weekends". What it really means by "limited" is that it is total black out, not only holidays, but 7 days before and 7 days after. This is the message I get when I finally got through all the voicemails and found someone (via email) I could communicate.

Not only that, when I tried to book a vacation that is not what they defined as holiday, the travel agent immediately told my destination is not available and I must participate in a 90 minute presentation in order for them to book me a room. Well... if I'm willing to participate in 90 minute presentation, it's not a gift certificate, it's a SCAM and if I'm willing to participate in 90 minute presentation, why should I pay you booking fee when I can get the resort resevation free with even additional gifts. I looked on Expedia and Travelocity etc to see if any hotels are available during the time I try to book and voila, there are plenty of vacancies unlike what the travel agent said "all booked"

So I told the agent that I just want to use my certificate to book for a vacation and I'm not interested in participate in any presentation. Of course, once I sent the email, she never wanted to speak to me again.

So all you travelers out there, be very careful when you send in your hard earned money to these scam artists like PTS Travel (PTS Incentives, Prestige Travel Systems). Your ticket to a supposed "Get Away to Paradise" can be a tickt to "Getaway to Hell"

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11. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

I to have been taken on this PTS Travel has any body call the BBS on this scammers

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12. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

You will find an on line complaint form for the Florida Attorney General's Office at:


If you were contacted by them through the mail, I would also contact the postal inspectors through your local posst office. They could be charged with using the mails to defraud, which is a Federal offense.

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13. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

Just recvd my registration validation from "Vacation Network Inc, in Atlanta. This is the same form that goes to PTS Fly America in Tampa. I am skecptical about this deal........... Nothings free today. any feedback !!!!

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14. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

I used to be amazed that there was anyone dumb enough to fall for those Nigerian '419' and European Lottery Draw scams, but after reading this forum, no longer, obviously there is still a rich seam of idiocy to be mined. Swamp I mean prestige vacation land in Florida anyone?

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15. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

The legendary American showman P.T. Barnum said it best a long time ago......."There's a sucker born every minute."

Another favorite of mine is, "People who go looking for something for nothing, usually get exactly what they pay for."

Unfortunately the travel industry is ripe for these scam artists. Some people are gulible enough to actually believe that they are getting something for

nothing, or at the very least at a heavily discounted rate.

We all know that there are many legitimate, solid companies, worldwide, that can arrange travel at a rate which is less than most people could get by themselves. I have no problem with that, and that is not what this thread is about. The problem here seems to be the folks who honestly believe that they are going to get hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of travel for a $50 "registration fee" and spending 90 minutes in a seminar, during which they will be, Under no obligation to buy or agree to anything." Following the "presentation", and after the super salespeople get done double teaming you and just short of threatening you to get you to buy into whatever they are selling, if the company is the least bit legitimate, in order for them to duck the law, you might get your "free gift"..... that you already paid $50 for by the way..... That usually amounts to a certificate for "dinner for two" that turns out to be at the local "Burger Doodle", or maybe a cheap piece of luggage.

Unfortunately, as long as there are people willing to part with their money for something because they believe that they are getting something that seems, "too good to be true", there will be a never ending parade of slick operators willing to take that money.

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16. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

run do not walk from P.T.S. travel C.M.I. or any of there "vendors"...they run a scam...do as we did and inform your state atty general...we are getting results and you will also..

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17. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

I too have been scammed by this PTS travel, and also when trying to query where my promised travel voucher is (after spending all the money they requested) I got run-around voice message systems. Thinking I could beat them I eventually got a person online, this person just hurled abuse at me and I got nowhere. As they have received payments and cashed checks they must surely be traceable. Has anyone managed to prosecute them as yet?

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18. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

Augh, I wish I knew then what I know now. I, too, sat in on some timeshare sales presentation under the LURE of receiving TWO FREE AIRLINE tickets. I sat through the presentation and when I decided not to purchase, the agent accused me of wasting everyone's time. After a lengthy argument, they walked my husband and I to the front desk where we received the "tickets". Of course, it was to something that PTS Travel handles. I had to complete the brochure within 30 day (which I did) then wait. I received a packet of stuff promising a wonderful vacation package. THEN I had to send then $50 a ticket to cover taxes. I followed all the rule outlined with one exception, I didn't send a US Postal Money Order. I just today received the packet back with no way of recovering the tickets as promised. I am glad I received the money order back. At this point, the most I've lost is a rotten evening and the cost of a babysitter for the night. Too bad for you. I think I'll just cut my losses at this point.

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19. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

Yes, I too sat through the "bs" timeshare scam lie her in the Atlanta office. I knew from the start it was a scam......... $10,000.00 for a time share, not me. At least I got me little cheap travel "luggage"

I only wasted my gas and a stamp. I sent them a note to let them know they were a fake scam.

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20. Re: Florida Travel Scam / Ripoff - PTS Travel (PTS Incentives)

THANK YOU Moonrivernyc! THANK YOU Trip Advisor!

My daughter came back from a bridal show and that evening she was informed that SHE WON! OK, what did she win, two toasting glasses (might be crystal) and a Getaway to Paradise vacation for 3 days and 2 nights with...you guessed it, PST Travel. She had to sit through a 90 minute presentation on expensive cookware. Then she read the fine print and came and asked me what I thought of the "vacation thing". Such a smart girl. We "Googled" and found Moonriverncy's post. After reading it and all the associated posts, I looked over at my daughter and she had already torn up the vacation coupon. I was so proud. Another informed and wary warrior to fight on the consumerism battleground.

Thanks again!


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