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Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Bemidji, Minnesota
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Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

My sister was hoping to get married at Piney Ridge Lodge (we used to go there as kids when it was McGuires Piney Ridge Lodge) but the phone number is disconnected and website does not exist. Any ideas???

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Dallas, Texas
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1. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Sure hope not (for very personal sentimental reasons) but it looks that way. The last update to the web site was March 2008. Trace Route to the domain name does not resolve to an IP address and there is no IP info on a WHOIS check. I found references to a tax dispute with the state in about 2003. Looks like there were ownsership changes since McGuires. A cabin burned in 2007.

The current administrative contact info for the domain name is:

Midwest Captions Inc

Robert Sherman (bob@brainerd.com)



150 Birchridge Drive

Brainerd, MN 56401


Perhaps calling that number could result in a defiinitive answer. The domain name is set to expire two months from now.

Archived web site at: …archive.org/web/…

Funny thing is I can't find any business related news. If a place that large and old closed one would think it would have been in a newspaper article.

Piney Ridge is no longer listed under lodging for the Pine River Chanmber of Commerce.


Perhaps also try contacting the CofC.


I worked there the summer of 1973 just before Sr. year in High School. Mowing lawns, hauling wood, taking care of horses, servicing fishing boats, cleaning the pool, etc... That was the year "Capt." Dee Haverly sold it to Joe Rock (sp?) a businessman from Kansas City. McGuire came later. Monumental summer for me of hard work and teenage craziness. Worth it for me to keep digging because I would like to know too. If you call and find anything out please post.

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2. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Did Mcguires Piney ridge resort and lodge close recently? If so, do patrons still have access to the historic pub located on site?

Additionally, are there photos of the resort/pub available for viewing, as we stayed there several times and would like to show our children - especially the very historical pub on site.

Franklin, TN
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3. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

I worked there too!!! Two summers. (may have been 1973,74) Love my memories of Piney Ridge Lodge, still have the pewter mug.

I hope it hasn't closed, I have promised my kids a Minnesota trip. Joe and Pat, kids were Jere and Chick... I think they went Bankrupt and it went back to Dee and his son...they sold it to someone else...

Kansas City...
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4. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Nice to hear that people have fond memories of Piney Ridge Lodge. It would be sad if it has closed. My parents, Pat & Joe Raach did purchase it from Capn' Dee Haverly. Capn' Dee and his realtor defrauded my parents and it wound up in McGuires hands following a lengthy lawsuit (that my parents won). I (Gerry) also have my Pewter Mug. There are some pics of the "Happy Hour Lodge" I would be willing to share (stormluvincpl@yahoo.com. I would enjoy sharing stories from there, too.

Dallas, Texas
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5. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Sorry I did not see the rest of the posts in this thread sooner. Yes, I was there when Joe and Pat had just taken over. The Haverly's son Mike was still there halping(?) with the transitoin. I remember they were super stressed getting in to the hospitiality business and keeping up with all the regulations and maintenance but I was too young and "wet behind the ears" to really see how much so.

Gerry if you were the little guy they had there then I remember you too. Still feel bad about braking too hard on the pickup truck and flipping you over the tail gate in the truck bed. I'll send an email.

Sadly I have confirmed that it went in to bankruptcy in 2009 and is now for sale. Price reduced to $2.9M including the Irish Hills Golf course.


Resort business in MN has hit hard times for small places that aren't the mega resorts. Taxes, regulations and changes i nwhat people expect have ruined a nice industry. Too bad. The big places lack the charm and peacefulness of smaller resorts.

Littleton, Colorado
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6. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

I have many fond memories of Piney Ridge. My parents used to take us there in the early-mid 70's. Many, many great memories!

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7. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

It was Joe Raach who bought it, on a contract for deed, and lost it 3 years later. "Cap'n Dee" reassumed ownership and ran it for a couple of years before the McGuires bought it. I worked there in the summers of 1974 and 1975 for the Raachs and part of the summer of 1976 for "Cap'n Dee."

Gerry! I have dismal memories of the jukebox and "Billy, Don't Be a Hero"

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8. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

I was yardboy in 1971 or so. Jack Delk had the good job....working the docks. The cabin girls helped me have the best summer a 16 year old boy could hope for.

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9. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

Wow, sad to hear! Me and my bro and a friend played a gig poolside a number of years ago (the 'Fontanels' FYI "the soft spot on a baby's head"). Anyway, a bunch of our family came up and rented cabins and had a blast... yelled for everyone to jump in the pool during 'SuzieQ' and just about every kid did! I was just looking up info on this to see if we could arrange another gig there....bummer!

Savage, Minnesota
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10. Re: Did Piney Ridge Lodge close?

My family stayed there on three different occasions- always in the Pine Tree lodge. What a bummer it closed. The last time we were there it was nearing it's end- very sad state of affairs. looking for a similar stay up north and can't find anything like it. I hope someone buys it and restores it. It was an awesome place for the family!

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