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Scooter Etiquette?

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Scooter Etiquette?

Due to sudden health issues last year I no longer can walk long distances. Big change from last May's 4.5 Grand Canyon trek. :(

I'm taking the plunge and going back to Vegas and will try renting one of those mobility scooters after reading up on the forum about them.

I was wondering if any of you have gone to places like Fashion Show Mall with scooters. Do you park the scooter outside the shop and then walk in? I know there are a few shops I like where a scooter would not fit along the aisles.

When it comes to restaurants I like places like Country Club, Society Cafe, Trevi. I don't need it inside the restaurant but wondered if fancier places kind of frowned upon the idea of one of these things being parked outside their entrance.

Now all I have to do is try not to run anyone over. If you see a younger person in Dior shades cruising the Strip on a scooter, look out! I promise I won't aim for you.

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1. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

Hi rib....

I've never been in a scooter on the strip, but here's how I do it Downtown.

I usually take my scooters into shops. Until you have driven one, you have no idea how mobile those things really are. It also shouldn't take you long to learn how to drive one. I knew "how" to within 5 minutes ... the person at 4 Queens showed me, forward, backward, and how to stop on a dime. I did a little forward and backwards and stopping right there in the registration area by the bell desk where I picked it up for just .. probably 3-4 minutes. Then I took off, slowly.... and started "cruising".... LOL I had to work up to being a "speedy person", but it didnt really take that long. I felt comfortable driving it within 30 minutes, probably less... more like maybe 15 minutes.

By the second day, I was doing curly Q's on it, and by the third day, I popped a wheelie. hahahaha. It was accidental... and now, they have geared those scooters down, where they won't GO fast enough quick enough to do that. Darn it.

As far as restaurants are concerned... I prefer to take my scooter inside the restaurant. Believe me, they will provide you a place to park the scooter inside. You are liable if someone steals the scooter, so always be sure to take the key out of it. I park inside the restaurant, because... just in case I forgot the key, someone would be a lot less likely to steal a scooter, when they don't know whether you are sitting close enough to see them do it. (I imagine there are "standard keys" for those things. I don't know exactly... but anyway... I wouldn't park outside anywhere.

I've only gone to one show downtown, but... when they saw me on a scooter, they came and took me in through a side entrance. There was no waiting in line for me. I also got priority seating inside... and ... so did my friends (two ladies) who were with me. They showed me where to park my scooter, not far from where we sitting. They did ask me if I could walk down steps (with a hand rail) I said, I can walk but just not far. They also took us out that separate way, and we were out way before most people. Just letting you know that in all the places that I know of, they make it very easy for you on a scooter.

I've never had a problem ever with what to do with the scooter. In some restaurants, they have asked if I would like to take my scooter right to the table. And, they will just remove a chair, if this is what you want to do. I don't remember where, but somewhere, I did do that. Oh yes, I remember.. It was at Fitzgeralds, and the table she pointed at already had one side vacant ... perhaps set up for a scooter, so I just said.. yes, thats fine.

I'm sure the strip, as it is so much bigger (in all the casinos) than Downtown, that they have places for you to park your scooter inside.

I know Chitowngambler told me not to drive the scooter on any of the side streets, as he had heard of people having their scooters stolen right out from under them... a big truck would pull up, xx # of guys jump out,, take you or push you off the scooter, and load that scooter right up on it and drive off. I am assuming they had a hydraulic lift, but i didn't question him. That was good enough for me... LOL And when I went on the crawl with he and a group, (pub crawl) gentleman that he is, he always made sure to stay close, and he also made sure that I had an entrance into wherever we were going.

Scooters make it semi difficult to open a door while driving inside. I have never had a problem with having someone open the doors for me. Most usually they volunteer, but if I see people headed in, as they approach, I will ask them if they mind opening the door from me... and they always do so courteously and sometimes, several will rush to do it for me, sometimes, one grabbing one door and someone else, another door. LOL

I think thats all I got for a quickie scooter lesson. Hope that helps....



Kingston, Canada
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2. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

I've never used a scooter but did have to push someone around in a wheelchair last fall - the only thing I can think to add is that the strip was crowded and people seemed reluctant to get out of the way so I could use the ramps on sidewalks. I eventually just learned if I plowed ahead they'd move. If I stopped to try to maneuver politely to the ramp we were left in the busy intersection while cars approached.


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3. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

Sheila: My mom may have to use a scooter for the first time and she wondered how you play the slot machines in one. Most machines have heavy chairs or stools in front of them. Did you have a problem with this?

Thanks, Blazyn

Prince Edward...
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4. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

nb_fiddler - Sorry to hear about your recent health issue but glad it's not keeping you from enjoying Vegas. Gram1943 showed up at our M&G last Nov on a scooter and all I can say is don't get a speeding ticket, those things can really move. When are you heading to Vegas?

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5. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

I think a slot attendant or just a helpful neighbour could move the stool/chair for you. Also all of the stores should have to be be wheelchair accessible including up and down the aisles. It probably will not be as tricky as you might think.

6. Re: Scooter Etiquette?

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