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LV Taxi Scam

Grand Island, NE
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LV Taxi Scam

Las Vegas

You go to Vegas to gamble, but you don't want to risk your luggage, too. Sin City's cabdrivers are notoriously sketchy; one common scam involves a cabbie who insists on unloading your bags at your hotel or the airport. He says he's in a rush, slams the trunk, and speeds away. Only later do you notice that one of your bags is missing. "When you're coming to Vegas, you gotta be on your A-game with your stuff," says Sergeant Jerry MacDonald of the Las Vegas PD. "Trust me when I tell you, they'll snatch your luggage up faster than you can blink an eye."

Solution: Note the driver's name, cab number, and company when you get in; that way, if anything should happen, you have recourse.

Read more: foxnews.com/travel/…ixzz1Uxoy40Pv

This was on today's Fox News website in the Travel section. Haven't seen much about cabbies stealing luggage on here so I thought I would pass it along.

Acton, Canada
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1. Re: LV Taxi Scam

Seriously? Wow, my luggage is filled with my clothes and toiletries, nothing of much value to anyone else really. Maybe if the cabbie is female, 4'11" same body shape and weight as me and of course same FABULOUS taste in clothes.. then we might have an issue.. ;)

Do people really put valuables in their luggage??

I keep everything I "NEED" with me in my handbag/ carry on, never checked or in the truck, its with me or locked up in a safe.

BTW do this do this just on the to the resort? cus on the way back it'll be filled with stinky laundry and my vegas shopping haul.

Urbandale, Iowa
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2. Re: LV Taxi Scam

LOL - I agree with Pook.

They'd be very disappointed if they stoled my luggage.


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3. Re: LV Taxi Scam

There are a lot of things that can happen in Vegas, but having my luggage stolen by a sketchy cabbie has never crossed my mind. Usually if they're trying to steal from me, it's by long hauling the cash out of my wallet, not the pajamas out of my suitcase. ;)

I wait to pay until they get out of the cab and open the trunk.

Queensbury, NY
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4. Re: LV Taxi Scam

Maybe I should buy some new underwear...that would be downright embarrassing....;)

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5. Re: LV Taxi Scam

They would get my Jack Daniels : (

San Diego
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6. Re: LV Taxi Scam

They would make more money by just dropping you off and going to get another fare. i dont believe this story.

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7. Re: LV Taxi Scam

Go ahead, steal my luggage, it'll save me the checked baggage fee and my insurance will pay me replacement value.


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8. Re: LV Taxi Scam

I'm sorry, but they're getting worse. Something needs to be done.

When I went in July twice I got long hauled. First time was leaving The Cosmo and heading to the Palazzo the jerk took the back road, which we ended up on the freeway with a fare over 23.00 dollars. He got eight bucks and a 15 minute lecture. Second time was leaving the Palazzo and heading to the airport. Again, he got 14.00 and no tip.

Edited: 13 August 2011, 22:35
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9. Re: LV Taxi Scam

I do exactly what yourstarla posted. I wait until my luggage is out of the trunk before paying.

I really don't think what is described is a common occurrence at all. People constantly complain about cabs on this forum. Rude cab drivers, long hauling, dirty cabs, dangerous driving, tunneling, but I don't remember anyone being scammed out of their luggage. Someone would have mentioned it by now.

Everyone should write down the cab number and the name of the cab driver and have the cab authority's number handy because so many people forget things in the cabs or things fall out of their pockets and they don't realize it until later. That is just a common sense move and it has nothing to do with any luggage scam.

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10. Re: LV Taxi Scam

Must of been a slow news day and some lazy cab driver left a bag in the trunk IMHO.

Of course it was the wife's clinique bag so game on. He stole it not I never paid any attention until my 10th drink and needed to refresh.