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TR - Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Cottage Grove...
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TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Not a winning trip, but still an enjoyable trip. I didn’t do everything I planned to do because, as usual, I don’t sleep well in Vegas – so I am a zombie for the majority of the trip, but I did some of it. I will post as a reply. I got kind of wordy.

Henderson, Nevada
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1. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Looking forward to it. :-)

Cottage Grove...
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2. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8


My flight was actually a bit early and I believe I was on the ground in LV by around 10:30 a.m. or so. I went out door number 11 to Ritz Shuttle, but they didn’t go to the Flamingo and pointed me next to door to “I bloody can’t remember”. Luckily, I was the last one on the shuttle and Flamingo was the first stop – so it was a good experience.

The check in line was fairly long, so I went to use the kiosks, but was told at that time of the day, they were only for checking out and I couldn’t use them to check in until 3:00. So I waited in line, which actually didn’t take very long. I asked the gentlemen about a paid upgrade and he said he could give me a GO room for $30 a night, which was available right now. I said I’d take it, and I was just very friendly and talkative and he started offering me more, said he would give it to me for $20, said he was supposed to charge more for the view but wouldn’t, yada, yada, yada – before I knew it, I was reaching into my purse and giving him a $20 tip for a paid upgrade – LOL. It turned out OK though, as when I checked out, they said the room was fully comped.

I thought the GO room was really nice. It was on the 17th floor and my view was of Caesar’s. The next hours are a blur. I know I lost my a$$, but I don’t remember much else. I had a margarita at the Margaritaville casino (it seemed appropriate). I really, really like the Flamingo though – I like the atmosphere and the selection of machines. CW service was great. Both meals there were at the fast food court, pizza for lunch and a Nathan’s hot dog/fries for supper. It filled the hole. I don’t think I slept at all though, due to the noisy air conditioning. I tried turning the temp up, but then the room got really hot. So basically no sleep. But that’s pretty normal for me, which is why I am always plan much more than I actually do.


I finally gave up trying to sleep by around 3:30 a.m. and did a mini-groom and went downstairs and lost more money. After a few hours, I grabbed a croissant and juice and went back up to the room to properly groom and pack. I headed back downstairs and spent some time outside communing with nature – I love the habitat there. I went back inside and found a nickel poker machine where I spent the next several hours, not spending too much money.

At 10:00 I headed to the Mirage. I went to the VIP line as all the other lines said check out – they had no lines checking in. The woman was helping someone else. I said “sorry to interrupt, but is this where I check in”. She looked at me said “check in isn’t until 3:00, but we can see”. OK, once she pulled up my account, total attitude change. She said I was a VIP (really?) and wanted to know if I wouldn’t prefer going into the VIP lounge, as they may have more available for me there??? I couldn’t really imagine what more the VIP lounge could do for me, so I said this was fine. She told me I had $400 in food comp which was a surprise to me as my host had quoted me $200. No big deal, it was unlikely that I would even spend the $200. My suite was amazingly enough ready right away, so away I went. I stopped off at the MLife booth on the way to the room to get my free play loaded, and was quoted $300 in free play. I said I was promised $450, and they called my host and quickly got that taken care of.

Went upstairs to my suite (one bedroom tower suite). It was the last room on the right – 27020. WOW. It was really nice. Looked just like the pictures on the web. I had the “red” themed suite. My view looking out the window was of the Rio. If I walked up to the windows and looked left I could see the South strip. It was huge.


I unpacked, put stuff in the safe and headed back down and played there for the rest of the day. I turned my $450 in free play into around $430 playing dollar VP JOB. I actually had around $200 in cash on me when I got there, and played with that and my free play for the rest of the day, thanks to some small to medium hits. I think the biggest thing I hit was $300 on a 5 Times Pay machine. I grabbed a sandwich to go at the deli around 2:00 p.m. OK, I wasn’t that impressed. $27 for a turkey sandwich and potato salad, with so much food, it was obscene. I don’t need 4 inches of turkey on my sandwich – which of course, made it virtually impossible to eat.

I was in my room by around 7:30 because I was so tired from the night before. I checked my tier credits on my iPad and was surprised to see I had only accumulated around 20,000 (my first night at Aria last September, I earned 80,000). That didn’t seem right as I had played pretty hard for around 9 hours. I would have guessed that I would have been up to at least 40 or 50 thousand.

Sorry I missed the M&G, but by 6:00 I was in zombieland from being so tired, and in no shape to head downtown. At 8:30 my phone rings and there is someone from the Mirage outside my door with a basket of goodies for me. I figured he would just leave it, but no, he’s outside so I’m answering the door in my jammies – no robe because there wasn’t one in the room. I’m surprised he didn’t run away screaming, but he didn’t and managed to stay long enough for his $10 tip :). Wow, huge basket of fruit, cookies, cheese, crackers, almonds, chocolate cherries, etc.

Tuesday –

Up at 4:00 a.m., mini-groomed and headed to the deli to grab a coffee to go (I didn’t bring my coffee pot with me this trip). I had $1,500 budgeted for the day. By 7:00 a.m. $500 of that was gone. My gambling day is very long, so I do appreciate it when they have nickel or dime poker so I don’t spend so much in those first few hours, but Mirage didn’t have anything under quarter level. So up to the room to properly groom. I came back down and decided to have breakfast at the buffet. I admit it - I was really unimpressed. People say the Aria buffet isn’t very good. It’s got the Mirage’s buffet beat by a mile, in my opinion. Back to playing, dropped another $500 by lunch time. I decided to head out. I have the Popovich Pet show at 4:00 so I figured I would work my way down there. It was VERY windy – I mean like gale force winds (good thing I hadn’t spent much time on my hair).

I headed to Bally’s and lost another $250 there. I decided to head for the Bellagio with the last of my money ($250) and see how the Life of Luxury machines were going to treat me. Luckily on the last $60 of the $250 I had in the machine, I got a retrigger bonus round and turned it into $600. I played that down to $500 hoping for another hit, but I didn’t get any – so I cashed out.

I still had some time to kill so I headed to the Cosmo to do the $100 free play thing. I went up to a $5 machine and started playing 1 coin. Then I thought what the heck, I’m in a hurry, so I bumped my bet up to 2 coins. I was on some machine that had the word triple on some of the bars and sevens and hit a line with a combo of bars and sevens but all had the word triple on them. That paid 100 coins, so I cashed out $552 – yeah! - some of my money back.

I headed to PH for my show. I spent $11 to get VIP seating as my groupon was just for general admission. After getting into the theater, I realized that any seat would have been good as it is a fairly small room. It was a good show, and I enjoyed it very much. I grabbed a taxi back to the Mirage. I played there for the rest of the evening, doing better than I had earlier in the day, but still dropped all but $400 of my winnings from Bellagio and Cosmo.

At some point this evening, I was playing some machine called the Big Green machine at $5 a spin. I had $40 in and noticed that I had only earned 4 points. The light bulb then clicked on and from that point on I started watching my earned points and realized that they had several machines that they considered “specialty” and you only earned 1 point for every $10 instead of earning 1 point for every $2. I wasn’t a happy camper at that point. I had played the big green machine for quite a while over the past few days – never thought to check the points as it didn’t appear to be a themed machine.

I went up to my room with the intention of calling room service, but the wait was 45 minutes so I headed back down to the deli for a meat loaf dinner. It was good. Again, too much food though, as the meat loaf had been made with approximately half a cow, and the baked potato looked mutant it was so big. I watched a little TV, and went to bed.


Up at 3:30 a.m. after a mostly sleepless night. I did a mini-groom and headed down and sat at the bar to get some coffee and play some VP. Some guy immediately plops down next to me and wants to chat. Problem is his voice is basically gone and I have to ask him to repeat everything he says. It’s 3:30 in the morning. I’m sure I look like death warmed over (and maybe not even that good) after probably getting around 8 total hours of sleep at this point - and I’m not really in the mood to chat. I just want to drink my coffee and wake up. So I give up, slink off to the deli to get my coffee there, and find a VP machine where no one will bother me until I’ve had a sufficient amount of caffeine.

I headed back up to the room to properly groom at around 7:00 after dropping $500. I wasn’t really hungry but had an apple out of my basket. I came back down and dropped another $500 – hitting nothing. During this period, I discover that the $3 Pinball machines don’t pay the normal points either. So I took my card out and started over, documenting the points I earned. First $3 – 0. Second $3 – 0. Third $3, 1 point. I didn’t get a second point until I had put in another $9. Needless to say that was the last time I played that machine. Again, not sure why it is considered a “specialty” machine.

Around lunch time I decided to give the buffet a second chance. Again – not too impressed, but it filled the hole. I went back up to the room and debated what to do as a substantial portion of my daily bankroll is gone. I decided what the he!! – I’m on vacation, went back down stairs and walked up to my favorite Life of Luxury machine. This is the only one they had, and it is a dollar machine so I have avoided it up until now. I put a $20 bill in, and played 5 lines. I hit something for around $50, but decided to keep playing – and luckily within a few spins I hit 5 gold rings with a double for $500. I’m back in the game!

I decided to head out and walked over to Harrah’s. I liked it there, but it was really crowded. I dropped about $200 and decided to head back as I am feeling really crappy now due to the lack of sleep. I had originally intended to go to Wynn this afternoon, and back to the Cosmo again, but am just not feeling up to it. I played at Mirage for the rest of the day, doing better than I had in the morning, but no big wins. I was in the room by around 8:00 p.m.

Thursday – Going home day 

I get up at around 3:00 and head downstairs. I headed back to the quarter VP machines that I was playing the night before. I hit four 6’s which kept me going for awhile and then hit 4 Aces with a kicker for $500. Of course, I pissed that away plus $200 by 6:00 so I headed back up to the room to shower and pack. I had a 9:16 a.m. flight out.

My agreement was that they would comp me one night in the tower suite and I would pay for the other 2 nights. So they ended up charging me $450 from my express comps. I assumed I would have to pay for the tax on the food, but they said I didn’t owe anything. Off to the airport I went - flight home was fine.


Total losses for the trip – a little over $5,000.

I think I have the suite thing out of my system. It’s just too much space for me. Don’t get me wrong – it was a beautiful suite, the bed and pillows were awesome, but I just don’t need all that space. The more space I have, the more I misplace things. I think for me, the only thing a suite offers is that the bedroom is usually away from the door, so you don’t hear hallway noise.

The Mirage was a very nice hotel, and every staff person I encountered was very nice. The suite was amazing. The only problem was that the fridge was not the temperature it should be. So it kept nothing very cold. But other than that – it was great. I loved having a private elevator. Would I stay there again? Yes, but there are other places I would stay at first. I like having other MLife casinos closer, which is why I like the MGM Grand, because they are all MLife casinos at that end of the strip.

I encountered 2 people using dogs on the overhead walkways to get more donations. Given the animal lover that I am, I managed to bite my tongue for one of them, but not both of them.

Timeshare people avoided me as I was alone. Porn slappers don’t bother me at all. I just avoided the characters – none of them approached me.

I just don’t know about these comp offers, as I end up feeling that obligation to play mostly where I stay. Especially this trip, where I only ended up earning 100,000 tier credits, and spent most of the trip fretting that my tier credits were not going up as quickly as I thought they should be. My last trip at Aria I earned 227,000. But I played almost just as hard and as long at the Mirage. I suspect that I played too many specialty machines – sometimes unknowingly. I also moved from machine to machine a lot, and probably missed out on points because of it. I also found myself avoiding machines that I knew wouldn’t earn me the points. This seems really stupid when I look back on it.

What did I play? Everything. I played lots of dollars, a few themed machines (Ghostbusters, Hangover, WOZ), VP. I did stick the stray $20/$40 in a $5 machine, but never hit anything. I played a lot of the Quick Hits machines or the many variations that have popped up. As I said in a different post, my new favorite machine is the Siberian Storm machine. I did find I had much better luck in the afternoons then I did in the mornings.

It wasn’t a winning trip – but that’s gambling, but I did have a good time, and enjoyed my stays at both the Flamingo and the Mirage.

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3. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Wow, I feel tired just reading your report. I know how awful it is to not be able to sleep, but it didn't seem to slow you down too much. Thanks for the information regarding the themed machines/points. Very good to know.

Eugene, Oregon
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4. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Interesting report. You and I are very different...if anyone gave me food credits (which they never do) I'd be eating at their nicest restaurants (yes, even alone). And It's nice to finally get some real numbers from those of you who get these offers...and now I'm sure why I never get them, lol.

I guess you had fun? I too got very tired reading your report, I just hope you caught up on your sleep when you got home.

victoria bc canada
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5. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Sorry you didn't have a winning trip,By the sounds of things you did get a fair amount of play.The worst trips,by far are when you don't have either:(

The Green Machine you played,was that the one with all the empty circles/What evey amounts show up in it you get?I am shocked they call that a specialtiy machine.It has been around a very long time.I also like and play it often and would be very disappointed if that is the case.

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6. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8


So good to hear from you. Glad you made it out to Vegas and back safely. Siberian storm is a good one-I played that at Bellagio and won enough to get tax form on the trip we met.

Suite looks very nice, but I also feel it is wasted on one person. Last time I was offered one at the B, I turned it down for a reg resort room with a view.

Great TR; I enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing.

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7. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Sounds like you had the same kind of luck I did back in Feb - but it does give us a reason to go back to try and get our money:) Glad you enjoyed the suite at Mirage - even if only to get it out of your system. Too bad on the sleeping - for some reason I don't have any trouble sleeping in Vegas. I think I sleep better there than at home:)

One thing I did notice on my last trip was that when I got home and checked my tier credits it showed that I had added 96,885 - but when I checked again a day or so later - that amount increase to 131,406. I really have no idea why, since all of my food was covered by my host and the rooms were comped so no retail to account for the increase.

Of course now I can't check since I don't have a mobile phone - but the amount did stay the same for the weeks after before the site was updated.

Enjoyed reading your TR and hearing about your trip. Thanks.

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8. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Enjoyed this one Josie, First thank you for not making this a serial report.

Mirage: I also have never had any luck there, maybe the times that I was in there. Just don't know. People do win there though, it's just never me. Siberian Husky, I never play it but will give it a shot. Was that the Pet Show over at PH. Popovich? How was that and what was it all about? Always curious, how that show was? I love dogs, just find them as close to people as you can get. I know you like cats, most likely the same. Certainly get you on the amount of meat in the sandwiches. Yuk, speaking for me. I always look at it and say I could make three out of this one. I guess, a carnivors dream. Just not mine.

Happy you had a good time and I also get the suite. To much space for me. No real need, I'm in Vegas. Not in my room in Vegas. Always a pleasure hearing this one.

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9. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

Thanks for the report Josie, glad you enjoyed your trip. Like AB said, your point total might still go up, I have had that happen before too.

This whole "specialty" machine deal with MLife is the worst thing about MLife I think. I tell myself not to care and just play the machines I want but I can't. At least when you are losing your a$$ you are racking up credits and comps.

I had a terrible time sleeping last trip also, it sucked, hopefully I'll do better in two weeks at Cosmo. Have you tried using a sleep aid? I think I will try drinking more vodka, lol!

Thanks again for sharing your trip, sorry it wasn't a winning one. We all should complain to MLife about the ridiculous specialty designation. Take my $$, fine, just don't mess with my tier score!!

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10. Re: TR – Flamingo/Mirage, March 4-8

This is funny, maybe not so funny. Whenever I'm loosing, I don't sleep well. Numbers are flashing in my head. I find myself counting like a savant. When I'm winning, I sleep like a baby.