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TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

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TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

I wanted to share a trip review since i have really enjoyed all the reviews i read while preparing for our trip. We had a wonderful time in Vegas and just want to return the favor! Thanks for all the help. Not sure how this will go, as it is my first TR.

We Went to Vegas for DH's 40th bday. We had only been to Vegas once before in Sept 2011. We had so much fun we decided to return.

Day 1 Travel Day

Now when we booked our flights it seemed like a good idea to leave at 6:30 am and arrive in Vegas at 8:15 am. We would get there early, have the whole day, etc... We didn't even consider the fact that we needed to be out of the house at 3:30 am!!!! So needless to say we didn't get much sleep, but whatever, we were headed to Vegas! We flew southwest and booked early bird check-in. We did have A30 boarding passes, so no issues sitting together & where we wanted. Flight went off on-time and was pretty uneventfull with the exception of the strange characters we were surrounded by.

I had booked a presidential limo to surprise DH per recommendations I saw on here. Now their policy is you have an hour from the minute your plane lands to do any side trips and get to hotel. Well our flight actually arrived about 15 min early, but unfortunately the plane at our gate had not pulled away yet, so all we could do was sit and wait. That ate up about 20 minutes of our limo time. Our driver was there with our sign, DH was very surprised, we waited around for about 10 more minutes for luggage and now we are off. He asks if we want to go to liquor store and of course DH says yes. Now in my mind I had thought we could go to Las Vegas sign since we never made it last trip, but at this point I'm thinking maybe liquor store is more practical option. The liquor store stop goes very quickly so I kindly ask if we have time to go to sign. He replies that unfortunately we only have 2 minutes left of our limo time, and he isn't able to take us. Oh well maybe next time!

We arrive at the Vdara and head for check-in. Now I realize Vdara isn't a popular choice on this board, but we stayed there last time and were very satisfied. Originally we were planning on staying somewhere different this trip, to get the whole Vegas experience. Our other options included Venetian, Bellagio, Cosmo or Aria. We have a friend who is a travel agent that books our trips for us. When she came back with prices, it was a significant discount if we stayed at Vdara again. We are not big gamblers and we don't smoke, so Vdara was the easy choice.

Now it's very early for check-in and of course we have several requests! We have 3 other people arriving later in the day and we would like all the rooms on the same floor. And we would like them all to be on a high floor with a nice strip/fountain view. She told us as long as we were willing to wait, she would see what she could do. Took our phone number and our bags and we were off.

We went immediately to Bellagio to check out the conservatory, then wandered through caesars as we had dinner reservations at Mesa Grill on Friday and were not sure of it's location. Did a little shopping in the forum and moved on to the Venetian.

On our last trip our first meal was at taqueria canonita and it was excellent. We figured we would start this trip the same way. Now we were waiting for 2 of friends to meet up with us, so we requested a table for 4, and grabbed a couple of beers. While we waited we ordered chips, salsa and guacamole. The service was extremely slow and there was only a few other tables since they had just opened. Our friends arrived and we ordered lunch. By the time our food arrived I really wasn't even that hungry, so all I had ordered was the ceviche appetizer. It was good but not as good as I had originally remembered from our first trip. They also mixed up my husband's order. He ordered the taco trio w/chicken,fish and pork, however they brought steak instead of fish. It took so long to get it in the first place, we didn't even mention it. Overall everything was just ok, not as good as last time we were there.

As we were leaving we received the phone call from Vdara saying they had our rooms. When we get outside it's raining, so we jump in a taxi and off we go to Vdara. They were able to get us 3 rooms on the 30th floor with 2 fountain views and one city view. We get checked in and head to the room for a nice long nap, as traveling from the east coast is catching up with us.

We wake up and DH and friends are hungry, but just want a quick bite. We decide on earl of sandwich at PH. We grab some sandwiches and just do a little bit of wandering around the strip. Nothing too eventful for our first night. Had some beers and checked out cosmopolitan, Bellagio and aria. Then back to the room for a couple drinks and off to bed.

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21. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Really enjoyed your report. We really like Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast as well.

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22. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Excellent report and I have to agree about Mon Ami Gabi's Bloody Marys!

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23. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Thanks for the detailed report. Glad you could enjoy time with friends. I love MAG, but prefer the Bloodies at Bally's sports book. Spicy yumminess.

Romeoville, Illinois
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24. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Thanks for sharing, great report.

I will be at Paris in a few weeks, wondering what machine in Paris you had good luck on? and where was it located?

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25. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Fun 40th for sure!

I'm not usually much for events on the plane, but I'll admit my curiousity was piqued by the reference to the "strange characters" on the plane. Probably none so strange as the showgirl lady though...LOL.

I have flown very early on Saturday morning from LA and seen a few "working girls" but on the early flights it seemed like mostly business/convention presenter types.

Glad you had a good time.

Baton Rouge...
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26. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Great TR, thanks for sharing!! Sounds like a really great time!

I will be coming to Vegas for my 40th in Nov and cannot wait!! After reading so many post and TR's there are soooooo many things that I want to do and see there is no way I will fit it all in. Eventually I will have to ask for a vote on my must do list!!

North Carolina
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27. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Pretty sure I was on your flight..that is if you flew out of RDU. Hope I wasn't one of the strange characters! hahaha

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28. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Thanks everyone!

Gerry - slot machine was a quarter machine, don't even know the name! it was located on the left hand side of the casino as you go in the doors from strip, past mon ami gabi. It was one of the reel slot machines with just one payout line, with 5x bonus.

Camaro - not the same flight! We flew fom FL. so no worries, it wasn't you. Lol

We wanted to sit on an aisle and middle seat towards the front of the plane. When we got on the plane, we spot a teenage girl sitting by the winow in the second row, so we take the other 2 seats. We are getting our seatbelts on and bags under seats, and the woman in front of DH removes her shoes, reclines her seat back and puts her feet up on the wall (as she is in the front row). She also was carrying the biggest pillow I have ever seen someone bring on the plane, that was partially blocking the aisle. She stayed like that throughout the flight, I guess the flight attendants didn't notice and we didn't say anything.

Now back to the teenager, she tells us this is the first time she is flying by herself and is nervous. No big deal yet, we tried to talk to her and reassure her while she is digging though the seat back for the barf bag! Thank god she never needed it. She was very nervous for take off, at one point she even grabbed my leg. After we were up in the air she just talked and talked and talked. She brought a blanket with her and it was leaking little feathers everywhere. I had lint/feathers all over me by the time we got to Vegas. She drank 3 cups of decaf. because she said she needed to stay awake! Then she had a little bathroom issue, she was gone for like 15-20 minutes, at one point came out and asked flight attendant for more TP and went back in!! Then she returned and picked up conversation where she left off.

Now across from DH is a tall guy who is wearing those slip on sandals. After everyone boards he takes his shoes off and crosses his legs so that his barefoot is in aisle right next to DH! He switched legs a few times, but stayed that way most of the flight. I also happened to look over at him later and he was picking his nose like I've never seen, it went on an on. I was so ready to get off that plane when we landed!

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29. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

All I can say is OMG...........................................

But trip report was great!!

Vancouver, Canada
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30. Re: TR: 40th bday bash 7/4-7/9

Great TR (minus the weirdos on the plane)! We're thinking of Vdara for our next trip so it's good to hear you enjoy it so much.