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oldies in vegas

chester UK
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oldies in vegas

Hi again!

Please dont shoot me down in flames but as a lady of 62 and hubby of 65 sometimes feel we are looked down upon in vegas? Is this just my massive inferiority complex or would this be true? Neither of us could be described as 'the beautiful people' We are both friendly and non confrontational. Like to wander the strip people watching but tend to avoid the 'better' restaurants because of this feeling.We love music (I like rap - hubby.more 60s pop). Especially at some of the high end hotels we have stayed at I squirm at the.poolside and bury myself in a book!!! I am even slightly intimidated by the hotel check in people. I think this feeling is more me than my.better half.

Each time we go to vegas we try to do as much as possible but have never been gamblers. We are now a little hooked on the slots and on our next trip are heading for tables (hubby is anyway - think I will watch)!

Any thoughts on this post would be interesting. Maybe I am suffering from typical British class hang ups!! Lol!!

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Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: oldies in vegas

Las Vegas offers something for visitors of all ages although the increase in the number of nightclubs and pool parties can make it seem as though some hotels are targeting the younger crowd.

I'd suggest that there are many visitors to Las Vegas who wouldn't consider themselves to be "the beautiful people" and I would include myself in that but it wouldn't stop me doing what I wanted to do.

There is no need to feel intimidated by anybody providing a service in Las Vegas regardless of whether it's hotel check in staff or waiters/waitresses in restaurants - your money is as good as anybody else's and in Las Vegas it's money that talks.

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Norfolk England
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2. Re: oldies in vegas


We are in 50/60 age group. Does not stop us doing exactly what we want to do, or feel uncomfortable doing it. Although we would not particularly choose a known young hip pool scene to go and hang out at,lol, or go to night clubs!


Jersey UK
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3. Re: oldies in vegas

You are thinking to much, just enjoy Vegas, age does not matter,


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Sterling, Illinois
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4. Re: oldies in vegas

You two are the exact same age as my wife and me. Vegas is our favorite destination!

If you are feeling intimidated, maybe you should hang around at the casinos with an older clientele, like Palazzo, Harrahs, and Wynn, and avoid places like the Cosmo, Planet Hollywood, and Flamingo.

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5. Re: oldies in vegas

Vegas is an adult playground....It allows both of us to get away from the bustle of life and be whomever we like. Having been there a dozen or more times.....each visit gets better, we venture out more, we try different gaming opportunties and visit different restaurants, shows, exhibits etc. We like the treatment we get at the various resorts, and the anonomity allows us the freedom to be a bit larger than life. The excitment of Vegas cannot be reproduced anywhere else. There is a certain amont of child like qualities that come out in both of us to be more playful and just enjoy our time.....

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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6. Re: oldies in vegas

Here are some suggestions for you to feel more comfortable in the party scene.

Indigo lounge at Ballys

Cleopathra at Cearars palace

Voo doo lounge at Rio

Foundation room at Mandalay bay

The showroom at the Gold Coast

You will enjoy these and feel comfortable.

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7. Re: oldies in vegas

People over 60 make up something like a third to a fifth of Vegas visitors. I don't think you're looked down upon.

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1060 W Addison...
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8. Re: oldies in vegas

You know those pictures of Vegas, where everyone is young and beautiful and all dressed up? Keep that in mind when you get to Vegas. You're going to laugh your a** off when you see the masses of older, dumpy sloppily dressed tourists.

Oh, sure, the young and beautiful crowd is here too... but they are mostly in line to get into trendy nightclubs to pay $1,000 for a bottle of booze. Feel free to laugh at them too.

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Destination Expert
for Las Vegas
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9. Re: oldies in vegas

I'm going to let you in on something Las Vegas and every major business knows-----Older people have most of the money in the world!

While it may seem we live in a youth oriented culture this one fact has never changed, and it never will. Next time you go to Las Vegas look around. With the exception of places and times where young congregate, you will find yourself very comfortably in the main demographic. The average age of the Las Vegas visitor is over 50. This is especially noticable in nice restaurants and showrooms.

"but tend to avoid the 'better' restaurants because of this feeling"

If you are truly avoiding better restaurants because of this you are DEAD WRONG. Becuase again with a couple of exceptions, nice restaurants are most often frequented by older customers. Young people have better things to spend their money on, and IAH most don't appreciate finer things yet.

The pools are a little tougher, especially because MGM feels every pool will generate more profits if they are run the same. And they think a pool with a party atmosphere is more profitable than one that is a quiet oasis. There are quiter pools around, but they tend to be in the more expensive hotels.

Each hotel does try and attract a certain demographic, and project a certain image. The Key Word here is TRY. Hotels such as PH and even Cosmo project a young image, but look around and see who actually stays there. The majority of guests are older than the image these hotels try and project. PH, because it is a member of the Total Rewards program, is mostly full of older slot players. And Cosmo, because of the price and their rooms, attract an older crowd who have the ability and/or desire to pay those rates.

Possibly you just need to look around and explore other options. Consider hotels, restaurants, and attractions where you will feel more comfortable. If you have questions about these options, feel free to ask on this forum. In case you haven't noticed, many of the responders here fall into the 50+ Young at Heart age group.

One other thing: WHEN you go to Las Vegas is very important. Weekdays can be very different than the weekends. The music is certainly louder at the pools, and the crowds everywhere are larger. So you might consider Sunday-Friday trips, if the Vegas noise and crowds are starting to get to you.

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Syracuse, New York
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10. Re: oldies in vegas

This makes me sad to read. The only one looking down on you is YOU. You don't have to be beautiful or rich to enjoy Vegas. Don't project this feeling of inferiority. Enjoy your vacation!

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