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CMAC-Rod Stewart

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CMAC-Rod Stewart

I received some help here while planning my trip, so I have returned to help...

We booked a hotel in Henrietta, everything lease in our budget was far from CMAC.

We left our hotel around 3pm, stoped at Peppermints Family Restaurant in Henrietta for an early dinner.

We were on our way by 3:45pm...

Our GPS and cell phones did not work! Thankfully I had printed out mapquest directions as well. However, being Canadian and unfamiliar with the area was stressful!

At one point we had to quickly decide East or West and I chose West on the NY Thruway.... which is a disaster!!! It was the wrong way and you can't get off for over 30min! So we had to pay the toll, turn around and drive back.

Once we got off the highway, there was lots of traffic. We had to make a left and it was bumper to bumper and not moving!

We could see people parking at the plaza, but because our friend just had a heart attack two months ago... and we didn't know how far away it was to walk... we didn't join the walkers.

We finally made it to what we thought was the entrance... but wasn't

We saw a sign for the premium parking and headed that way. We figured it would be better to pay more and not miss the show!

Again the traffic was not moving, we asked some people if they knew how much further...and they pointed it out.

So we pulled off and bailed, paid $10 for parking at a little motel and started walking.

We finally got to security and directed to the lawn express walkway.

It is not paved, it's not easy to walk on, big chunks of stone through the trees. Walking with someone not steady on their feet was precarious.

We got up the steep hill, much too late for a good position. We could see the screens, not Rod!

The evening was beautiful, Rod was great! It was like watching tv outside!!

There were only 5 portapotties for our side.

Someone said there were more at the other side, but there was at least a 40 min wait.

There was no encore which I found surprising, but both Rod and Cymdi Lauper put on a great show!

When it was time to leave, the grass was a little slippery, so we had to be careful... not much lighti g either. Someone was nice enough to use their phone to light the way.

It was pretty dangerous walking in the dark through the trees in the rocks, everyone went slowly.

It got much better when we got out to the main sidewalk.

The exit from the venue area moved much faster and we got to the highway in no time.

I don't know why it's so congested to get in... there's just as many cars.

Better signage would improve things, having traffic control also wouldn't hurt.

We got lost getting back to the hotel as well, it was pretty confusing once you got into Henrietta...

I don't think I'd see a concert here again... but if I did, I wouldn't get lawn seats. If you've paid for a seat and your late... it's waiting for you.

I don't know why our cell phones wouldn't work, do if your from Canada... make sure you bring lots of maps and directions with you... our phones worked in Aruba but not 2 hours drive from home! It would have helped so much if they worked!!

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1. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

Was just there for The Who a few weeks ago...agreed that the lawn seats aren't great. If you weren't front and center on the lawn, you couldn't really see the stage.

They also could use signage for the porta potties. There were only the 5 on the one side and a lot of people were waiting in line. But if you go to the very top of the hill there's at least 20 in a row. But you can't see those from the ones on the side, so people naturally assume they are the only ones.

Parking is quite easy if you park at Lowes or Walmart. Free, about a 10 minute walk to get in, and easy to get out after.

Don't know why your phones didn't work...probably a question for your carrier...everyone from Canada I know has service here, albeit with roaming charges. There are CDMA and GSM networks just like Canada.

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2. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

I was there for the Rod Stewart concert also. I agree both Cyndi lauper and rod put on a great show for a beautiful WANT summer evening. I parked at Lowe's, shopped there first and used the restroom before walking to the venue. We had lawn seats also and next time would pay for a seat. I didn't find walking to the lawn difficult,no rocks. Whether you had a seat or the lawn,everyone went in the gate the same way. As for cellphone ser ice, I have found in my travels throughout NY State and other states where it is rural is Verizon carrier. I'm not promotion them or am I employed by them.none of us used the portable potties because upon arriving one of us used the portapottie out front long before the crowds arrived and it was filthy. So we all agreed to drink sparingly,and then afterwards we stopped at Walmart,used the restroom,and bought a cold drink.we had no trouble with traffic on the 2 hour drive back to the cottage.it was a great evening!

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3. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

The rocks were on the pathway thru the trees, where we were directed to walk"lawn express " by security. Maybe you entered from another direction? We never saw a Walmart or Lowes... I wish I had known about the parking issues beforehand, but the reviews were all positive...

It's strange about our phones, I knew mine would be limited, but my friend has excellent range with Bell. I won't trust the phone gps anymore and make sure I have good maps...

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4. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

All US carriers have good service in Canandaigua.

For the Walmart/Lowes - if you came off the Thruway, you probably took 332 (Main St) down to 5 & 20 and made a left, and then made the right onto 364. If you would have gone straight, instead of turning onto 364, they'd be a short ways down on the left. There's a light to cross at the Lowe's entrance and a police officer directing traffic and crossing people there after the show.

If you travel to the US often and have cell service issues, you could consider getting a standalone GPS (Garmin, TomTom, etc - they're getting pretty cheap), or get an offline maps program for your phone (Google Maps will let you cache maps for offline use, but won't calculate driving directions without an internet connection).

Niagara Falls...
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5. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

Good to know!

You're right, that's the way we went... mapquest sent us that way...

I don't usually go that far down, Buffalo is our usual distance and I have reception that far.

buffalo NY
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6. Re: CMAC-Rod Stewart

Thanks for this information. I saw the Avett Brothers at CMAC Sept. 2. I hadn't been to this venue since the late '80s. A note about restrooms: there are actual restrooms (flush toilets! sinks with soap!) on the lower level of the venue, towards the lake side of CMAC. There are two separate sets of steep stairs to this lower level. It's also where the foods trucks were set up on the night of my visit. I don't know if this area of CMAC is accessible via ramp or elevator.

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