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Hubby wants to stay in Paia

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Hubby wants to stay in Paia

I do all the travel planning. I'm sure everybody here appreciates how difficult this is. Well someone does not. I spend hours on the computer reading forums, visiting web sites, trying to make it all fit.

So I try to explain this to my husband who is impatient. Finally he tells me he could do a better job and it would only take an hour. LOL. So I say go for it. He didn't even know about trip advisor, I had to show him. After 15 minutes he comes to me and says he's done.

All he did was go to the hotels link and pick the one that is #1 in TA which happens to be in Paia.

How did I miss it? Well first it's over budget that's why. And second Paia doesn't look as good as the resorts. But then I see something that is very strange. How does a hotel that is so tiny get SO MANY reviews. My friend has a motel in a very busy tourist town in that's probably 4 times bigger. They get like 1 TA review every 2 months.

Maybe this is a great place but one destination expert here on TA already warned me about fake reviews. I smell something very fishy and it's not sushi people!

So question. Is Paia inn the best hotel in Maui? With all those reviews I should get like 20 responses. Funny thing is, many of those reviewers just post once.

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1. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

I've never stayed there so I can't comment but I do think a first time (I assume) visitor would be happier in an area like Wailea or Kaanapali. Places like the Paia Hotel are for people that really know what they want, it's not your typical first time visitor hotel. Play it safe and make the plans yourself. Good luck!

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2. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

It appears nice and quaint but I probably wouldn't stay there. It's more of a bed and breakfast than a hotel. When I think of hotel/resort many amenities come to mind and the Paia inn just doesn't have them.

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3. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

"Is Paia inn the best hotel in Maui?"

Absolutely not.

Paia Inn solicits reviews.

When guests check out, the guests are asked if they liked the hotel or the stay at the hotel. If the answer is yes, then the guests are given info on writing a review for sites like TripAdvisor. If the guest does not say yes, they are given no information how to write a review.

You can tell if a hotel, attraction, restaurant, etc., solicits reviews is by the number of contributions from the reviewer.

Generally the contributor has only one or very few contributions to TripAdvisor.

Hardly anyone with only a couple of contributions to TripAdvisor has not been solicited & coached how to make a review.

I find it hard to believe that the only contribution to TripAdvisor is one review of anything.

No reviews for Road to Hana. No reviews for Haleakala. No reviews for a luau, restaurant or any other attraction. Simply one review for a hotel & maybe some pictures.

Do not trust a hotel, attraction or hotel when the majority of reviews are solicited review. These reviews make a mediocre hotel, attraction or restaurant appear much better than it really is.

You are much better off using the forum & ask the forum members where to stay.

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4. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

The last poster is correct.

Unlike other travel sites that rank hotels and restaurants based on their facilities, amenities, and quality of offerings and service, the ratings system here is seriously flawed. There are no price range categories; it's a level playing field, so the local Burger King or Dairy Queen are compared "apples to apples" against a distingusihed restaurant, and Freddie's Flop House can outrank the Ritz Carlton.

TripAdvisor does not recognize any criteria other than the number of positive reviews, some of which are of questionable origin and motive.

Tripadvisor should have a safeguard against this, but until they do, many newcomers are not aware that a very mediocre hotel (or restaurant) can (and often does) rank higher than a five star (or diamond) property.

My ex just spent two of the last four months in Paia. Perhaps the locals can paint a more accurate picture, but her description was "a small town that has it's charm and unique shops, restaurants & hangouts, but mostly populated by locals, free spirits, and "residents" who live off the land."

Worth a visit, but certainly not the typical tourist destination, and probably would not see many at all if it were not the "jumping off point" for the famed Road to Hana.

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5. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

I agree with the above posters. My family usually stays on the North Shore but that is because it is convenient to windsurfing. It is a beautiful side of the island,, but everything most tourists want as far as restaurants etc are on the other side of the island. It does cut the trip to Hana in half, and of course Haleakala is much closer- but unless that is the whole point of your trip, I think you will be much happier on the other side. Paia is small, and you could see all of it easily in a half day. The Beach there is WINDY.. very windy at times. If you are going to be there in the winter, the waves are large. SO it is not a good place for swimming or snorkling. Paia does have some intersting characters ( so it is good for people watching) but they dont all pack up and go home at night either.. so if that makes you nervous, I would look elsewhere.

What do you want to do and see on your trip? Luau's are on the other side. THe snorkling trips and nice resteraunts are on the other side. Shopping is on the other side.

( by the way... that is why I make all the reservations in MY family too...)

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6. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

.."by the other side"..most are referring to the west lobe ,,Kaanapali, Napali & Kapalua. don't forget about South Maui..we love the Kihei Wailea area.

I would never opt to stay there. We do go to Paia several times each visit to eat and watch the windsurfers.

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7. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

RE: "interesting characters......"

I was trying to tread lightly when I mentioned this.....yes, indeed, and they can get more "interesting" as the evenings wear on......personally, I'm looking forward to hanging at "Charlie's", but it's not for everyone......

So, if you want your visit to be like the postcards and all the photos of the fabulous resorts and luaus, Paia is more like, ahh, well, like in "Dirty Dancing," when "Baby" discovered the area where all the workers lived and "let loose" in the evenings.

There is at least one famous resident, a musician, but I'm sworn to secrecy!

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8. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

I'm sure I've seen a post or two from you, but I think they were replies.

When are you visiting Maui? What is your lodging budget? Who's coming -- a couple, family, (ages)? Are you looking for a hotel or a condo? What activities interest you?

I think the FORUMS here are very useful; the lodgings and restaurant reviews, not so much. You've gotten wonderful feedback on this thread. (No, don't plan to stay long in Paia.!)

Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll try to help.

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9. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

so let him stay there and you stay where you want too----lol

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10. Re: Hubby wants to stay in Paia

Leave your husband out of the planning and be glad that you figured out the 'stacked' review system on TA. Although 'one-hit' reviewers might be genuine, I give much more credit to reviews by frequent posters.

Stick with your original plan (which you mention in another thread) of staying in in a beach area. You were on the right track with Wailea and Kaanapali. I would have been very miserable if I had chosen Paia as the location to stay for our trip to Maui. (We stayed in the Kaanapali area and loved it.)

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