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Questions for past visitors

albuquerque, new...
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Questions for past visitors

I am at the very beginning stages of planning a trip to NYC. I would like to get information from people that have visited recently

What I would like to know is which airport you flew into, and why. Where did you stay and how did you get from the airport to the hotel. And if you stayed out of the city (which is what I'm thinking), how was the trip into NYC (time, distance, mode of transportation).

I have planned a few vacations in my time, but most are not as complicated as visiting NYC.

Any help is much appreciated.

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1. Re: Questions for past visitors

Hi, i visit new york city every year during the summer months. I always fly into JFK, i believe that it is easier and jet blue terminal is there. the last time that i went to new york i stayed in the salisbury very nice hotel it was a big room, had a huge bathroom and a nice open floor plan. the time before that i stayed in the milford, it was nice for the price. the room was small, but clean! to many people there, they had 6 elvators but i was always waiting for a elvator for 5 minutes are so. i use the train when i stay there, drops me off in the middle of the city. i am sure that you will fun

Broomfield, Colorado
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2. Re: Questions for past visitors

Flying from ABQ you will likely come to EWR airport. This or LGA would be my personal choices for ease of access to Manhattan Island. JFK is OK but not as simple IMO. I sometimes stay at one of 3 Choice Hotels in Long Island City (LIC)-


for rate and info. These hotels are all within 5 minute walk of subway, which runs at minimum of 10 minute intervals. 5 stops and 10 minutes on the train and you are in Times Square. Buy unlimited ride Metro Card and use the subways and buses to optimize your time in NYC. Also, there are lots of neat restaurants further from Manhattan along the N or W trains that will take you from the city to LIC - exit the train at Astoria Blvd or the final stop at Ditmars Blvd and explore the Astoria Queens area, always a surprise there too (a good one).

There is a nice interactive subway map here, that shows you where in the boros you actually are:


Have Fun!

Stavanger, Norway
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3. Re: Questions for past visitors


Well, I have been to NYC twice and I have flown into both JFK and Newark...in my opinion it doesn't really matter which airport you fly into. The last time we went there we stayed at a hotel in Long Island City as that was a lot cheaper than a hotel in Manhattan. It was just across East river so getting around was not a problem at all. I have a couple of trip reports that I can share with you if you are interested. Send me an e-mail on gardkarlsen@hotmail.com and I'll send it to you :-)



New York City, New...
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4. Re: Questions for past visitors

Hi lahad. You probably missed the FAQ for the forum. In it, there's a whole section on the airports and how to travel from them. That's here


The gen'l FAQ link is here


There are pros and cons to each airport so there's not a clear "best". What I'd strongly urge is to decide where you want to stay and then choose the airport. Or....if one airport has flights that are much more convenient for you, pick a hotel according to where you'll fly in/out.

It's a really bad idea for example to stay in New Jersey if you fly into LGA. Conversely if you fly into Newark, don't stay in Long Island City. It adds to price, travel time and inconvenience.

The only reason to stay outside Manhattan is to save money. Since hotel prices have come down dramatically with the poor economy and summer prices are usually low anyway, I'd urge you to try to stay in Manhattan is it's a first visit. If you're looking to visit after Sept. 7, prices you're seeing now for hotels may not be what they actually will be. They may come down. Here's a link from the FAQ for staying outside Manhattan.


It's not so complicated. When are you planning on visiting?

Springfield, Ohio
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5. Re: Questions for past visitors

I have always flown into LGA because my relative that lives in NYC has said that it is faster to get into Manhattan from there. I have always taken a yellow cab from the airport because of convenience. (It is not the cheapest way.) I have never stayed anywhere except in Manhattan. My husband and I are planning a trip for July of this year and we are planning a stay in a Manhattan hotel because prices have come down since we were there in June of 2007.

New York City
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6. Re: Questions for past visitors

Hi Lahad !!

First thing you should do is check the airlines and costs from ABQ to NYC. This way you can pick the best and least expensive flight for yourself.


We have flown LGA-ABQ for the past two years, and I think LGA is the most convenient airport, providing the price is best for you. I am not certain if there are any non stop flights, but you can check with kayak or any other airline booking service.

Visiting NYC should be one of the easiest to navigate places in the world and should be very easy to plan.

Manhattan is a simple grid system, by and large, and you can take buses and subways all over, and you should be able to walk around quite easily, so have a great time here.

All you need is a good map of the City, a map of the transportation system, and some reading material on the attractions and history here.

Columbus, Ohio
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7. Re: Questions for past visitors

I have been to NYC 5 times, and my 6th is coming up in June. I always fly into LGA, because the prices are a little lower than flying into Newark or JFK. Most of the time I take a taxi to the hotel; it usually takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. Once I used a limo service, and it was fine, but I think taking a taxi is just as easy.

I have stayed at: Club Quarters midtown, the Belvedere(twice), Affinia 50, and Radio City Apartments. I will also be staying at Radio City again in June. I have booked directly through the hotel, used Hotels.com, or booked package deals through Expedia and Priceline. Wherever I can find the best rates, that's the way I go!

If you really take the time, you can plan a trip to NYC for a very reasonable price. It takes a lot of patience and research, but if you use Kayak.com, Travelzoo, etc., (and of course, TripAdvisor), you can do it. Personally, I love the research and planning stages, and trying to get the most for my money.

I would recommend staying in the city if you possibly can.

New York City, New...
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8. Re: Questions for past visitors

I also fly ABQ-NYC a few times a year (Its home NY/2nd home in Santa Fe). There are flights to all 3 airports, and I usually choose by fares. However, that usually means LGA, which is also the easiest. I usually take a cab (about $30) but I think it is worth it.

EWR seems closer (just by a few miles, remember) but fares are usually higher and travel into NYC is a hassle.

However, if you stay outside Manhattan, it changes everything.

You will also appreciate the (many many) differences bet. Albuquerque and NYC! Hard to believe they are both in the same country...

Bristol, United...
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9. Re: Questions for past visitors

We flew to Newark because they fly from our local airport in the UK, the transfer to Manhattan was very easy on the train, only 2 stops and $15 each. We walked from Penn station in Manhattan to the Metro Hotel on 35 The hotel was in a great location, the subway was on the corner of the street. I would say stay in Manhattan as you can return to your hotel easily to drop off bags, have a drink, rest etc.

My daughter flew into JFK on a school trip last October, they circled for 5 hours waiting to land in bad weather.

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10. Re: Questions for past visitors

In November last year, we flew into JFK and stayed with family in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for two nights before moving onto Manhattan and staying on the Upper West Side (West 95th) for three nights. We were on a tight budget especially with the pound dropping against the dollar and this worked for us. I'd highly recommend staying in Williamsburg if you can't afford Manhattan, it's just two subway stops to downtown Manhattan and has a really cool vibe.