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Kailua-kona in September

The Bay Area
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Kailua-kona in September

Hello Everyone,

We are having a wedding at the Keauhou Beach Resort on September 26,2009. I have about 50 guest coming up and I am hoping you can help me out with lodging suggestions. About 1/2 my guest will be traveling with children and I would like to help them budget friendly options.

I think some of the families would even be up for sharing condos or private homes, this sounds much more economical being that condos have the kitchens.

This is my first time on the Big Island, so your feedback would be awesome.

Some points:

Lodging under or around $100.00 a night this could go much higher for a place with 3-4 rooms obviously.

Within in a 1/2 hour to 20 minutes from the wedding location.

grocery stores nearby?

And if anyone has any extra suggestions that would be great.

Palm Springs...
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1. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Ok....September is the hottest month of the year and most humid so you will need AC... Outrigger is the most kid friendly..

There are 4 grocery stores, drug stores and restauraunts with 1 to 5 miles

There is only 3 places I know of under 100.

Kona Seaside hotel about $90 a night for 2 max 4 to a room

Uncle Billies...2 to a room a nasty pest hole

Kona Tiki hotel 2 to a room..rooms for $90 with a little efficency kitchen... very spartan tiny room no AC

I suggest,that you get a block of rooms ar the outrigger...the hotel might give you a special rate... like $130 in strad of $165 Fact is the more you can patronize the hotel and its facilties, the better the deal they will give you on everything.

Figure that you will have to pay 11.4% room tax

on top of everything

There are some 2 bed homes ...within a mile that start at $150 a night... pretty run down and extra charges for everything.. no AC...not kid friendly

There is a very nice condo, across the street from the Outrigger..with AC a pool, easy beach access, 1/2 mile to stores..called Kanaluu Villas...

I think a 2 bed condo ( max of 6 persons by law) would be around $230-250 It is new... with 6 persons thats only $100 per couple with tax

good luck.....rent from a professional managment agency with on site mgmtt not web site management if you ahve any problems.....there are reams of horror stories from ripped off visitors...

Denver, Colorado
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2. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Sophia: Dan has really good suggestions :) For any of your guests that are not sure if they will attend or on a real tight budget Manago Hotel in Captain Cook is a good emergency back up possibility at about 10 miles away. They have real generous reservation policy. However, traffic to/from is a pain during rush hour. You may want to read reviews to see if appropriate for some of your guests.

Aloha, TheodoreJay

Kona, Hawaii
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3. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Great suggestions Dan... With that many coming I would hope the resort takes care of you with a deal Sophia214.

I agree that you will need AC in September so make that a top question when you are looking (Manago Hotel does not have AC). $100. per night is a very tight budget, even when you add it in to 3 or 4 bedroom places. I would suggest looking for houses in the Keauhou area, I think this would be the thriftiest way to go.

Island of Hawaii...
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4. Re: Kailua-kona in September

You should talk to the Director of Sales at the hotel. With that many guests they should give you a bulk rate on the rooms and that wouldn't be much higher than the other options mentioned.

The Bay Area
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5. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Thank you. I was thinking more in the 100.00 a night range for the single people traveling alone or couples.

As far as condos go if 4-5 people share I would assume 200-300 a night would be completely reasonable.

I did talk to Keauhou about getting discount rates, I just thought about offering condo options for my family members that are traveling with children and probably won't mind sharing with another couple.

Thanks for all the tips.

The Bay Area
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6. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Thanks Theadore!

I will suggest the hotel in Captain Cook as well, my folks are all coming up from San Francisco I don't think anyone will be to upset by the traffic....LOL

Palm Springs...
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7. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Ok....money talks... and its your wedding. The hotel sales director will respond to discounts on not only rooms but maybe your reception as well..

I wouls stick all... repeat all the 50 guests in the hotel. Have then all eat breakfast and several dinner at the hotel...

Its in your best overall interest to save them. ( your guests)...and bring down your own costs too.

If they have the $$$ to fly to Hawaii... for a wedding then I would not worry too much on savings for them.

Another point.... call the airline group sales agent.. if you can sell 50 seats and coordinate them...dosent all have to be from SFO... they are goung to give you large discount......Bay area... United has the best direct service to Kona...talk to them get a first class seat for you and the groom comp from the airline.....

Then go to the rental car folks... get a price on 20 cars,

Want to do an activity...like a snorkel trip... get a quote for 12 or 20 people.... all cheaper than by the head.

Put together a total package, hotel, air, breakfast car, some meals and an activity..... and bundle it all together.....get a bulk savings for the lot... and discount of freebees /comission back.

Getting married is special... however, the process is all business.....treat it as such

Palm Springs...
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8. Re: Kailua-kona in September

You do not understand Kona traffic... we are talking 2 lane roads... Kona to Capt cook will be well over an hour for 10 miles many times of the day.

In addition the VOG is very heavy in the area... and there is nothing around it...

The Mango.... well would you feel good about putting your folks up in a motel in say Hunters Point or Tenderloin ???.... It is a transient hotel of that sort of atmosphere....ok

The Bay Area
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9. Re: Kailua-kona in September

Thanks Dan! I already have negotiations in place with Hawaiian Airlines, I will check out United rates as well. I have plans on group rates sales, etc.

I actually have tons of experience in event planning, group sales, etc. Just looking to get local ideas as well so , I can provide all my guest with options incase they did not want to stay in the hotel.

I will pass on the info I have learned.



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10. Re: Kailua-kona in September

I cannot imagine wanting to stay at the Manago. It's OK for the budget traveler who is used to motel type lodgings on vacation, but there are nicer budget options in Kailua-Kona. For those who have a connection to local island culture one could have fun there, but for a first time visitor I don't see it.

As to the distance, there is only the one choked road and if there's an accident then you are stuck. It is not like the Bay Area where they can re-route traffic. There are no back roads connections.

The last time I drove north from Captain Cook I witnessed my first road rage incident here. A local guy (haole) stopped dead in traffic, got out of his car, approached the rental car that was following him (too close?) and began yelling and punching at the window ... I was blown away at the hostility.

and this is at a time when tourism is way down and traffic is running better than it used to. This is not a road to take when you need to make certain times or events.

It is more frustrating than you would imagine having people scattered all over. The Kahalu'u Beach Villas are right there and would be a good option more or less right next door for those families who just don't want a hotel room.

Yes, there are private homes in the area, if you want to go that way. It might be very nice to have one estate type home in the mix where people could gather in a private setting.

It would not be cheap, but the pool at the Outrigger is not much, and Kahalu'u beach is not nice at all as a place to gather on the beach. Can't even go barefoot, it's so rocky. Good snorkeling spot, not a place to enjoy "the beach."

Personally I would want somewhere nice to hang out.

The Outrigger is just OK in my book.

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