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Who is the KVR type?

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Who is the KVR type?

Can you describe to me who is the kind of person that enjoys Kona Village Resort? It's ok to generalize!

I see there are a distinct group of people who return year and year and I'm wondering if it's possible to categorize them as a group? Or rather, is the appeal fairly universal?

I'm just trying to gauge whether we would enjoy it or not. Are there lots of activity options (fee included) in addition to simply relaxing? Or are most activities added cost?

We like hiking, photography, culture, some relaxing, good food, etc. Luxury isn't necessary. We like a mix of activities and down time.


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1. Re: Who is the KVR type?

well, each return guest here would have their own list.

I have only been a day visitor, and toured, but I can tell you what would appeal to me.

1) the visitor who yearns for Polynesia, for the Hawai'i of thatched hales, for accommodations such as are common in the South Pacific but surprisingly absent in Hawai'i.

2) the visitor who wants to unplug from modern life and an excess of electronics and gadgets, and to relax among folks who are not jabbering on cell phones or playing on game devices, etc..

3) The visitor who would enjoy a casual, all-inclusive atmosphere, with informal friendly staff, in contrast to the visitor who wants to be treated with deference like at the Four Seasons. In other words, someone who can put aside the idea of "class" and likes the idea of mingling with the resort staff as more like equals, like family if going back enough times.

Not that you won't get good service.

4) You should be able to do without A/C in a warm climate, and live like the many residents who live open to the temperatures moderated by breezes and ceiling fans.

To me, it's like what I experienced in the South Pacific. If you have been there, you will understand pretty easily. (No overwater bungalows, but those are not the REAL South Pacific.)

I doubt I would plan to do hiking and exploring while staying there, unless money is no object. The joy of KVR is immersion and getting away. You can stay in a second lodgings for the other kind of activity.

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2. Re: Who is the KVR type?

Ah, Sunny, I'm a very devoted fan of Kona Village and have been back many times. Last time I returned (in May), I began to write about the village, partly to keep my fingers busy, and keep my head thinking about that wonderful place, but also to write a document that would answer exactly the question you pose: Who is a Kona Villager? When I finished, it was a 50 page booklet with 120 illustrations. Nobody could tell me what to do with it.

After some thinking, and sort of as a gift to Kona Village, I put it on a website. Please take a look, and then tell me whether you are in one camp or the other! I


f you have further questions, go to their website and read the FAQs. If you STILL have questions, tell me, or call them. Finally, if you decide that you are a Kona Villager, welcome to the family!


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3. Re: Who is the KVR type?

David - WOW- WOW

I was spellbound reading your website.

Your comments about Eleanor brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you so very much.

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4. Re: Who is the KVR type?

Sunny let me put it this way...KVR is high on our "bucket-list". Over many years we have experienced all the islands, have time-shares on 2 because of our kids. But Someday we WILL stay at KVR just for us! I've only toured the grounds but if you can afford it do it!

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5. Re: Who is the KVR type?

I can't answer these questions. There are myriad of people from billionaires to normal everyday worker who come to the village. The common factor is they all come to relax. So one trait is they WANT to unwind and decompress. You check your ego at the gate. Everyone is a potential friend.

Will you like it? I don't know. You like hiking? You can spend hours walking the gardens and the property. You can walk for an hour south and if you are really good walker hours, north.

Photography is KVR middle name. lovely garden pictures, underwater pictures, coastal shots, turtles,and everything in between.

Culture is the lifeblood of the resort. Every employee is aware of the importance and place in history of the village. There are employees whose great-grandparents fished the village. This is not disneyland in hawaii. These are real people with real feelings. If you accept them as equals, you open the door to hawaiian knowledge beyound compare.

If you want to relax, there are beaches and hammocks everywhere. Read on your lania. Sit by the pool or on the beach. But who wants to veg? There's to much to see and do.

Good food. Dang. Evey meal is an adventure. You will not go away hungry. Plus as you eat, the ocean is your companion.

Activities, well snorkeling is very good. If you are good swimmer, it's great. Kayaking, well it's free. Paddle boarding is $95 for a lesson and then unlimited use for you stay. There is also scuba equipment and PADI certified program should you wish to learn to dive. You can go charter fishing or if there is enough people go exploring the coast in the RIB craft.

Then there is the wonderful music. John Keawe, David Gomes and Nephi plays for your enjoyment.

Look I don't know if you will like it. If you come with an open mind and desire to relax, I believe you will enjoy the property and people.

David's website is a very accurate representation.



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6. Re: Who is the KVR type?

Kona Village to us is our most favorite place to visit. The previous posts and Dave's website describe it well. These words come to mind when we think of Kona Village:


Comfortable accomodations with ceiling fans and ocean breezes


Good Food and full bellies



Cooing Doves

Singing birds


A feeling of being connected to a very special historical land

Good Live Music

Hale's not a highrise

Large Lanai's to relax on

Lomi Lomi Massages

swimming pools

Mai Tais

Manta Rays



Detached from reality


Ohana - Family - aloha spirit

Hugs and Kisses


Alot to do or Nothing


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7. Re: Who is the KVR type?

Sunny I'd like to add that the people who go there range in age from kids to old folks (like me). My daughter and family love it so much that they've got a Kona Village sign hanging in their home. Their daughters are now teenagers, but have loved it since they were very young. I've met lots of honeymooners who are there for the first time but who swear they'll be back. And every time I go, I meet folks I've met before, and hugs are exchanged all around.

The staff is also very stable. One of the bartenders (Sid) has been there 37 years and is married to the wine lady who's been there 30 years. One of the staff members said, "If people work here two years, they'll be here forever." And once you come back as a guest, you'll be in for lots of genuine hugs. (For a hug junkie like me, that's nice!)

They get a lot of celebrities, but nothing is made of it, and other guests talk to them just as if they were real people. (Unless a guy is there with his "niece" and wants to be left alone.)

The point I'm making is that while there are a lot of older folks there, it's not an old folks' place. Someone said, "Kona Village is really different--the guests talk to each other," and I thought, "Of course we do--we're all family.

I hope this helps to answer your question.


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8. Re: Who is the KVR type?

Someone who is not Menopausal.....

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9. Re: Who is the KVR type?

We are! In our 40s, we honeymooned at KVR in 1998. We've been back 7 times since, twice with our in-laws (who are in their 60s) and twice with our daughters. In September we are going just the 2 of us.

Our travel agent tried to talk us out of Kona Village as we were going to 3 islands on our 12 day honeymoon (Maui & Kauai, too) It's boring, she said, and the hales are small (we booked a standard).

So honeymooners love it, couples love it, kids love it, families love it...

When we go with our daughters, we're always on to the next craft time so we're looking forward to not being on a schedule.

Snorkelers love it, kayakers love it, flora and fauna fans love it and TURTLE fans love it.

There is not another place like Kona Village. I love the fact that there's no concrete in sight, no phones, no tv and your meals are right there.

I love luxury and I love simplicity and KVR offers both.

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10. Re: Who is the KVR type?

I think it might be easier to describe some people who are probably not KVR types.

* People who are looking for nightlife. Things slow down around 8 pm, close up an hour or two later, and the birds wake you up at dawn. Singles looking to make connections will probably hate it. (These people probably would be happier in Honolulu anyway.)

* People who need air conditioning when the temperature gets above 80/85 degrees. The hales are cooled by ceiling fans and open windows.

* People who want to explore and shop. KVR is about a half hour from Kailua-Kona, and at the price you are paying, you can do better if you are the type to be out-and-about.

* People who need the telephone, internet, and television to always be there. Your cell phone will work in your hale, but you'll probably be unhappy.

* People who want a wide variety of food choices each night. (Pizza tonight, burgers the next, italian another meal, etc.) The food is great, but the variety might get someone.

For us, it's just the entire package. We drive up, unpack our bags, and frequently never go back to the car until our last day. We like to have a car, "just in case" we want (or need, since we have kids) to go shopping. Walk to all meals, walk to the beach with absolutely no concern about leaving our camera on the beach while we splash around. Check out snorkel equipment or a kayak (complimentary) right at the waters edge; no renting or hauling it.

Walk back to our hale in the afternoon, maybe throw some laundry in the complimentary washers. Watch whales and go on nature walks. A wonderful supper at sunset with beautiful music. Walk back to our hale afterwards staring at the stars and the tiki torches.

Repeat as long as we can stay.

We never have to get into the car and drive somewhere and haul everything we want/need. Everything is a five or ten minute walk away. The toughest decision is what to order for supper each night.

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