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'Robin Crusoe' guide


If anyone would like to experience a unique 'Robinson Crusoe' experience, I can highly recommend my good friend, Hilroy.

He is totally honest (not a hustler in any shape or form, with a GREAT sense of humour, quite poor - just a local lad (42) who grows his own food and goes out fishing on his homemade 'coconut' raft fishing for Marlin, Tuna, Flying fish, Red Snapper etc. He's a man of the forest and knows all those out of the way places around the Calibishie area. He only charges around US$50 -70 a day - well worth the experience. However, he has no car and cannot drive

So if anyone is interested, feel free to private message me and I shall send you his cell number. Pics of him, his raft + pics of Dominica on request.

I also know a very good, local (Calabishie area) taxi driver who can pick you up at the airport for a very reasonable price.

You'll have a GREAT time in Dominica !