Malaysian Visa Extension issue, help needed


I'm currently in Sungai Petani and have been in Malaysia for 3 months. Last week I travelled north to the boarder (9 days or so before the end of my 3 month visa) to get an extension. I proceeded through immigration and got a stamp in my passport with the days date on it. I then immediately went to come back into the country not knowing I needed to stay in Thailand for at least three days. I was not prepared for this. I had been given a lift to the boarder by a friend and he was expecting me back in the car to drive back to Sungai Petani. After the officer mentioned I needed to stay in Thailand for 3 days, I immediately turned back and went to my friends car and drive back to Sungai Petani (there did seem to be anything or anyone stopping me from doing this).

My question is, now that I am prepared, I know that I need to stay for at least three days, and I will have all my thing/money etc, when I go back to the boarder on the day before the end of my Visa, will they give me any hassle for trying to leave the country a week before and not crossing the border?