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Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

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Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

Hi! We’re in Diani and in 3 days we’re going to Tanzania. We read negative reviews about going by bus from Diani (Mombasa) to Dar es Salaam? Someone had this experience! How it was? Any bus company to recommend? The other option, is take a flight from Mombasa to Zanzibar, avoiding the bus ride and avoiding the stop in Dar es Saalam! But the cheapeast airline is Fly 540. Anyone knows about it?

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1. Re: Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

I've made this trip by bus and air. If you want to leave from Diani without going to Mombasa first, then I suggest Simba bus because they have an office in Ukunda and the bus makes a scheduled stop in Ukunda every morning (around 8 am unless there is a ferry delay). It isn't the most luxurious bus and the trip to Dar will take longer than they tell you, about 10-11 hours.

Fly540 seems to be the cheapest flight and of course you leave from Moi Airport in Mombasa. It's only a 45 minute flight.

In either case, be sure to have your yellow fever card.

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2. Re: Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

Other options to consider:

If you still considering journey by land,

I would really get on the tahmeed or modern coast departing from Mombasa town,

because some buses dont do pick up after crossing the ferry,

the next stop from departure in mombasa is ferry crossing, then border crossing,

Then stop at city of tanga near the bus station, then somewhere on highway in tz at bus weighing bridge,

Then the bus stops near their offices on Lumumba street in dar es salaam,

I would get off here and stay overnight at hotel, search on airbnb or booking.com for reasonable hotel on Lumumba street, maybe Lumumba garden,

Early 530am-6am take taxi to ferry port, its few kms about tsh 20k or maybe less,

If you decide to finish the bus journey at ubungo bus station in dar, then expect 2 hours easily in heavy traffic jams,

If you got extra days, and wish to break your journey on the way between Mombasa and dar,

Then Mombasa to tanga n stay one night, its a city with reasonable hotels on airbnb, some near bus station n some near the beach such as inn by the sea, in town near post office is a new supermarket, taxi tsh 6k to 20k,

Or maybe mombasa to tanga, then another bus before 12pm, from tanga to lushoto, they have reasonable, but very basic, hotels in lushoto near the bus station, only some hotels have sitting toilets, not sure if all are electric lights, lushoto is cool sometimes at night drops to 10 degree centigrade, lushoto has wonderful views, and then lushoto to dar, then ferry to zanzibar,

Should go for ferry that takes 2 hours, its easy journey, otherwise fast ferry bumbs a bit too much made me sick,

Buses do take longer but always adds some fun and some good memories on the way,

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3. Re: Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?


Simba is the only bus doing pickups in Ukunda these days, that's why I mentioned them. I've done the trip myself.

There's no need to break the trip in Tanga unless you particularly want to explore the town. The bus arrives in Dar around sunset, sometimes later, but there are quite a few reasonable guest houses next to Ubungo bus station. The OP will need to overnight there (no night ferries go to Zanzibar) and I recommend catching the Flying Horse ferry at noon the next day. It costs only 20 USD compared with 35 USD for Azam.

Dar now has an efficient bus mass transit system that will get you from Ubungo to the ferry docks in around 30 minutes.

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4. Re: Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

3 weeks ago I took the bus from Diani Beach/Ukunda south of Mombasa to Dar es Salaam.

The bus leaves from close to the post office, by the bank across from the gas station on the main highway through Ukunda.

There's no official bus stop (but a bus "pocket"), and you just wait by the side of the road and flag it down.

There are at least three companies plying the route, Simba, Modern Coast, and Tahmeed. I was told Tahmeed was best, and was absolutely happy with the service.

I was on the second of three daily buses on the route, which left Mombasa at 6.00 AM, and reached Ukunda a little before 7, but this could vary depending on the amount of traffic crossing on the ferry in Mombasa.

You MUST buy the ticket one day in advance, either using their website http://tahmeedcoach.co.ke/online.html or Kenya Bus app and pay with the local mobile payment app, or go to the bus company office in Mombasa and pay directly.

The driving on the Kenyan side was somewhat hair rising, (and I'm a professional driver myself who's not easily scared) but then I had reserved seat 1 next to the driver. The road before the border is at first very busy, then it thinnes out and becomes narrow, and it's very bumpy. The driver was going above 100 km/h, causing the speed governor (that all passenger transport vehicles must have) to beep non-stop, which didn't deter the driver. But he was good.

In Tanzania the roads are much better, and almost everyone, including the bus driver, drove at or below the speed limit, due to numerous police speed controls. Also, we had to enter a couple of weighing stations. All in all a much nicer driving experience from the border to Dar es Salaam (which is however not the same everywhere in Tanzania, like the western region, where traffic is reminiscent of chaotic Kenya).

The Tanzanian immigration service was quite smooth, and in about 20 minutes I had my visa for $50. The officers were very helpful, ensuring a nice experience.

I only saw two other Europeans there, and would you believe it, they were Danes like myself!

After formalities I had to walk to the gate in the road, through which the bus was waiting.

There is an ATM at the border, which might be a good idea to use (for a taxi in Dar etc) and it is illegal to use the services feom the many guys offering currency exchange.

In Dar it stops downtown close to the Tahmeed office, and there are plenty of taxis around. We arrived around 5PM, so a total of 11 hours feom Mombasa (where it leaves from Tahmeed's downtown office at 5.30, 6.00, and 6.30AM).

I highly recommend taking the bus on this stretch, and Tahmeed's are quite new and equipped with seatbelts.

Bon voyage!

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5. Re: Which is the best option to go from Diani to Tanzani? alam ?

I too live in Ukunda and took the Simba Coach to Tanzania. Get the early coach. Just in case you are delayed at the Boarder. The Coach left us hanging, yes we got on the next one but no seat for us. Otherwise enjoy the trip.


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