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“KLM lost luggage”
Review of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Reviewed May 25, 2024

I believe this is my first written vendor review ever and now I understand why the Hotel employees told me to "prepare for the worst" when I informed them it was KLM that had misdirected my luggage. Great reputation KLM but it appears well earned as the luggage I handed to you on May 8 for a one hour flight remains in your possession today May 25. A lost bag is a relatively minor issue but I have found KLM's C/S and problem resolution so inept I am compelled to memorialize my experience.

As described below, once a bag is located KLM C/S agents post a request to Bag Handlers to "send bag as instructed", then full stop. No process to update online system to keep customer informed, nothing to confirm request acted upon, no process to escalate / expedite after lengthy delay without action on the request, and unlike Delta, an absolute refusal of customer request to speak to, receive call back from, etc. a Supervisor to escalate / expedite resolution.

Wed, May 8 approx one hour flight EDI to AMS to start a Viking river trip. The KLM agent in AMS informed me KLM misdirected my checked bag to a transfer cart. After a 45 minute wait with no bag I filed a KLM missing bag report, and received instructions on how to track the resolution process online. As I write this review Sat, May 25, the initial 'bag is missing" is the only record online for me to review.

Thur, May 9 @ 5:00 AM AMS time, nice people at Delta SEA left me V/M asking what to do with my bag, which they didn't recognize but which had my Phone # on tag. OK, mistakes happen, let's fix it. Not so easy.

Daily calls to Delta for several days and bag remains in SEA. One more call to Delta Sun May 12 and I politely demand to speak to a supervisor. After several rebuffs (as all C/S rep's are trained) I was connected to a Sup. who claimed to escalate my issue to expedite return to AMS....this worked!

Mon May 13, while away from Viking ship for onshore event I receive call from KLM saying they have my bag at AMS and need to know where I now want it sent. I explain the ship moves daily and that I will have Viking personnel call back and coordinate bag delivery. At this point Viking ship is within an hour drive from AMS.

Tue May 14, early morning Viking reports they called KLM at # provided by KLM and are told KLM does not have the bag, are still awaiting return from Delta.

I call Delta, 15 minutes on hold while agent researches and confirms bag delivered to KLM @ AMS and provides the Delta expedite reference # which they speculate may help KLM locate the bag at AMS which Delta insists KLM has had since Mon.

Viking on ship rep and I then place joint call to KLM and before we can provide the additional Delta #, KLM rep acknowledges they have the bag doesn't know why earlier agent thought otherwise...asks where we want bag delivered?

Viking rep explains ship is sailing Tue afternoon and evening and next earliest delivery is Wed May 15. Viking provides ship location / delivery instructions for Wed 15th, Thur 16th, Fri 17th.

I check with the Viking on ship rep daily who reports daily follow up calls to KLM requesting the bag be delivered, but is told only the instructions have been provided to Baggage Handlers and they have no info re: why not delivered.

Sun May 19, 9:00 am I depart the Viking ship to return home to US following several days in Brussels, still no bag or info why stuck at AMS. Follow up calls to KLM produce no results or updates.

Thur May 23, I call KLM and demand to speak to a Sup...multiple rebuffs, no Sup available, etc., I tell the agent to buy lunch because I'm not dropping the call. In spirit of compromise I tell agent I will drop the call if they assure me they have delivered a message to a Sup that they have an irate customer demanding a Sup call back. 10 minute hold then agent reports message delivered but (amazingly) Sup gave no assurances they would call back.

Sat May 25, approx 43 hours since request for Sup call back and surprise, no response, no updates online for me to review...blah, blah, blah.

Viking: great, gracious, thorough C/S...a very positive experience. I will use this vendor again and already have another trip purchased.

Delta: pretty good, though I do not understand how they flew a bag from AMS to SEA they should never have touched.

In my view it took a bit long for them to return the bag to AMS; but, importantly when I requested Sup intervention and escalation, they took action and fixed the problem. Overall positive experience and I will clearly continue to use Delta.

KLM: total fail. Bad execution, bad system for problem resolution, no reasonable escalation channel...

I am fairly old, and this effort by KLM is the worst C/S experience I recall. My missing bag is a fairly small problem grand scheme, but if they don't have systems in place to resolve relatively minor C/S issues, I will avoid them before risking a more significant issue / interaction.

CC: Marjan E.F. Rintel
President & CEO KLM

Date of travel: May 2024
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Reviewed May 25, 2024

Today, I went to Birmingham Airport for a KLM Royal Dutch flight. My flight was scheduled at 06:00, and we arrived at the airport around 03:45.

Upon arrival, we proceeded to check in. However, the check-in waiting time exceeded an hour, and the guidance for the correct lane was unclear, leading to significant confusion. Again, we had to wait in an extended queue for departure. Even though we required to wait in the faster lane, a member of KLM staff  initially denied us access to the swift lane despite knowing our flight was at 06:00. We kept waiting and we found the said staff allow some passengers going to the faster lane and we requested again, she explained that we have a big luggage, we needed to wait for the check in counter to send the luggage. After a while, we noticed that she allowed some passengers with big luggages to go faster lane.

Subsequently, at the security check line, we experienced a 20-minute wait despite being in a designated swift route. The guidance provided by Birmingham Airport and KLM staff was inadequate.

We also encountered long waits in the customs queue and were unable to use the quicker lane, despite our flight being on its final call.

Most notably, the security check took too long, leaving us with only 5 minutes to reach the gate from the security lane.

Furthermore, the flight information board was not updated, causing confusion as we were told we could not board the plane while the board indicated the final call. Additionally, the KLM staff had poor communication with passengers who did not board the plane as we didn't hear any announcement during the run.

In a time of panic and urgency, it is unreasonable to expect passengers to answer phone calls. Actually, we were passing the security check at the time when KLM crew called us.  The responsibility lies with the staff to locate checked-in passengers instead of solely relying on phone communication.

Redeeming luggage definitely takes more time than allowing passengers to board the plane. I also have a complaint against a staff member at KLM Royal Dutch, who was unprofessional, disrespectful, and rude when we asked a question.

Date of travel: May 2024
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Reviewed May 24, 2024

Absolutely appalling experience with KLM. We were advised to check our bags through to Amsterdam at the check-in desk as the flight had been overbooked (we arrived at the desk 2 hours before hour departure time). Only to be told we were on standby for the second flight so might have to wait in Amsterdam for a day. We were then met by another very rude staff member at the gate at Amsterdam who told us our bags had not left Dublin and there was nothing she could do for us. We managed to get in the flight (although seated apart) to Buenos Aires and arrived but no bags. 4 days later our bags arrived to Ushuai with no apology from any KLM staff member during the entire ordeal. On the plus side, we got engaged in Ushuai the same day our bags arrived. Just as well I kept the ring in my hand-luggage!!

Date of travel: January 2024
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Reviewed May 24, 2024

- KLM concerns- I couldn't be more disappointed with my first time using KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. My husband and I booked flights from Newcastle Airport via Skiripol and then onto Malta to visit my son and his family. This was a much awaited holiday.

A week to go, my son suggested we upgrade our luggage requirement as it was felt we hadn't booked enough capacity. My son contacted KLM to request the upgrade but was told that the flight we had booked months in advance had been cancelled. My son was told by KLM that we had been sent e.mails to inform us of the flight cancellation. This statement by KLM is false!

KLM thought it fine to casually deal with this matter by adopting a corporate business tone and standard of simply logging the episode under the category of : 'request for refund for flight cancellation'. This was their way of drawing a line under the event and matter! This is how they seem deal with their customers!

To reiterate, no emails were ever received to inform us of our flight cancellation. No correspondence regarding such information was logged to my unique e.mail address, of which was in their possession. Moreover, no telephone calls were received, no letters were recieved, despite having my full contact details.

KLM were unhelpful when I tried to fact find, resorting to corporate gaslighting saying that emails were sent to my e.mail address. This as previously stated is a false statement by KLM. In view of this, I requested KLM provide proof of all e.mail correspondence, sent and received, and any other methods of contact, or to show what other attempts had been made to contact us with this vital information! I further requested proof of the flight cancellation. To date, we have not been provided with this requested information. This is unfortunate.

The Fallout: If we hadn't of found out about the flight cancellation in the way we did we would have turned up at the Airport very early in the morning to learn of our ruined holiday and to be turned away and left on our own to cope with the nightmare that would unfold. Our reality includes coming to terms with losses ie. taxi fares, the booking of non- refundable hotels and trips in Malta, dog kennels that were pre- booked etc etc , and not to mention, a lot of heartache and lost memories!

We have been told that our refund for the cancellation of our flights will take 3-6 weeks to process. There appears to be a considerable back blog of processing refunds! This is an unacceptable timescale given it was months ago when we booked flights with KLM in good faith!

Get you act together KLM! This should never happen. I hope this serves as a warning ⚠️

Date of travel: May 2024
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Reviewed May 24, 2024

On our flight home from Amsterdam back to Toronto on May 13, 2024, our 7-8 hour flight was the most unpleasant experience we have ever encountered in our lives. In the past we have flown various times with West Jet, Air Transat, Air Canada and Delta airlines and have never had an experience that we felt warranted a review and a cautionary note.
We understand that in this world there will be rude and discourteous passengers. The airline has no control over that, however, the stewards are in a position to try and diffuse a situation should one present. The stewards (there were 4) did nothing when a passenger sitting in front of me was in full recline to the point where the screen on the back of their seat is unable to be properly viewed by me because it was inches from my face. Is this a flaw in the design of the seats with KLM? Was there a problem with that particular seat? Probably, however it was the stewards lack of proper response to the situation that was infuriating. Was it supposed to be my responsibility to request the person move their chair into a more upright position? When the meals came around and the cabin stewards in front of the cart and the one behind the cart asked me what meal I would prefer I was a little irritated that that was their first question to me. It was very apparent that my tray was not down due to the angle of the chair in front of me and when I didn't respond at first due to my irritation regarding the situation, the cabin steward angrily repeated the question. The steward was completely oblivious. I had to speak up and point out the obvious to him in order to have him finally ask the person to put their chair in the upright position. Once the meal was done, the person again fully reclined their chair. If the seat was broken, as I found out at the end of the flight from an exchange of words between 2 stewards why wasn't I offered another seat? None may have been available. Why wasn't the person in front of me requested to keep their seat in an upright position for the duration of the flight? It was capable of holding an upright position that was even a couple of inches off due to the malfunction. Adding to their comfort in an upright position.
At the time of preparation for landing when the stewards check that the trays are up, the seats are upright and the seatbelts are buckled, a steward walked right past the person in full recline and said nothing???? Again is it my job as a passenger to point this out to the stewards????? I guess my safety wasn't a concern to them but the comfort of the passenger in front of me was???
There were 2 more situations that made the flight unpleasant:
The cabin lights were on full brightness throughout the entire flight. Other flights I've been on of 7-8 hours duration there is usually a period of time when the cabin lights are dimmed to offer some rest to the passengers.
The cabin stewards when asked to be seated for upcoming turbulence, or landing carried on a loud conversation between each other while seated.
It is because of this rude, uncomfortable 7-8 hours flight that I will never fly with KLM again.

Date of travel: May 2024
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