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Reviewed May 24, 2015 via mobile

We booked a trip for Memorial Day weekend and just wanted a room on the cheap for a few nights. It's way overpriced for the quality. It's in an excellent location, but that's all it has going for it. Our room had a wet floor, smelled musty, bathroom smelled like bad B.O. Mold on bathroom ceiling, hole in front wall where a car apparently tried to drive through it once. We had 5 in a small room and had to ask for a roll away bed too. I'm pretty sure prisoners get a better breakfast than the one they have here. The place should be torn down and a new more friendly place put here.

Stayed: May 2015
2  Thank kcaswell
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Reviewed May 16, 2015 via mobile

I 100% understand that you get what you pay for and we booked this hotel over a festival weekend however this place should be condemned! I could tell we had made a huge mistake when we had to call the hotel because they had rebranded and we didn't know where we were. Magnuson Inn, Days Inn, Travel Lodge? Who knows, the point is unless you don't mind filth and horrendous mold smell DO NOT STAY here. My husband had prepaid $385 for the room for three nights so I was hoping we could stick it out. I just couldn't do it after one night and so wether sucked it up and booked at the Marriott down the street. I'm sure we are out the
money but sometimes mistakes are expensive and this may have been one of them. I recommend spending a few extra dollars and not staying here. If I could I would give this a negative star rating. I'm just hoping we don't get double charged because the also made a photo copy of my husbands credit card.

Stayed: May 2015, travelled as a couple
6  Thank Nicole12783
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Reviewed April 10, 2015 via mobile

Well to start this off..I'd sleep in my truck before I sleep in this place. When we got there they could not find our reservation so after about 30 mins they found a room to put us in then they tell us that they only have one hard copy key so we would have to get the key from the front desk everytime we wanted to enter the room which made me uncomfortable then when we walked in the room it just looked dirty it smelled like they bombed the room with a can of Lysol the lights did not work the air conditioner did not work the paint on the ceiling was peeling off it was just gross. We walked in looked at it went back to the front desk got our money back and stayed at staybridge suites which blew this place out the water....THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!

Stayed: April 2015, travelled as a couple
6  Thank Bduvic
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Reviewed April 9, 2015

Worst hotel experience in a long time. Apologize for the long review but it was a long experience.

Issues started when we couldn't find the hotel because the sign is still for Travelodge. Called the hotel to try and find them and got a very short, rude answer that it was the Travelodge.

Check-in process was terrible. Right after I told the clerk my name her manager proceeded to lecture her on how she didn't check out other guest who left that morning. She then decided to spend the next 10 or so minutes checking out all of the guest while I was standing there.

Then come to find out the Discover card I used to book the room was not an accepted card type for the hotel, little concerning that it went through online but again no big. I gave her a new card to use and when she handed it back I grabbed it from her. Small detail but will be important later in our interaction.

While waiting another guest came in complaining his room key wasn't working. She told him that even though he was checked in for 2 night they intentionally deactivated his room key. This understandably upset him and he casually tossed the keys on the desk to pass them to her to reactivate. At this point she calls her manager to have him come back up front because the guy is being rude, throwing stuff at her, and disrupting others....which having observed it was totally not what happened.

The other guest backs off and waits for his keys. Instead of attending to his keys the clerk goes back to checking me in. After I sign for everything she informs me that the room I'm staying in doesn't have a room key and can only be accessed by the master in, in which case she has to meet us at the room and let us in the rest of the evening. I found this unacceptable since I didn't want to spend my evening having to have someone let me into a room that I had to access to. When I asked her if there was another with a working key she said not right now and I would have to come back in a couple of hours.

At this point the guy waiting for his keys is upset it's taking so long and the clerk is just being incredibly rude. Telling him that he has to stop treating her, yelling, etc...none of which he was doing. She was also being very rude to me while I was trying to figure out the room situation.

After dealing with this situation for 30 minutes I decided that I didn't want to wait to get another room after the first was unacceptable. So I had her cancel my reservation so I could go somewhere else. I asked for a receipt showing I wasn't staying the night which she refused to give me, some excuse that they couldn't print it. I asked her to have her manager come print me something or sign something saying they weren't going to charge me.

She calls the manager again and tells him about the guy who is yelling at her and the chick who is grabbing things from her hands and also yelling at her. This being the guest who is still standing by the wall waiting for his key and in reference to when I grabbed the credit card she returned earlier. At this point I'm upset and the other guest is upset about how we are being treated. Somehow talks of calling the cops gets brought up, and she kicks him out. The guy leaves the lobby with no issues while his wife waits for the keys. Finally they get their room key and move on.

That leaves me standing there waiting for the manager. Two other walk in guest come in and the clerk starts complaining to them about how rude and inconsiderate I was being. This goes on for a few minutes before I mention that I'm standing right there and to please not talk about me to other guest, this does nothing to stop her.

Finally the manager comes up to the front desk, maybe 45minutes after the clerks first call to him. The clerk starts telling him how we have wronged her and what not. My boyfriend and I kept trying to bring the conversation back to the point that we just wanted a receipt and then we will leave. We also made mention to him that his clerk has been very rude to us the whole time we were there. Instead of apologizing or trying to make the situation better the manager starts yelling at us that we were the ones being rude and he wouldn't serve us. He finally gives me a receipt showing I didn't stay and then proceeded to kick us off his property. We had no issues leaving and the only reason we stayed so long was because I wanted proof they shouldn't charge me.

All in all this was a terrible situation. Not only am I shocked about how rude the clerk was but also by the lack of professionalism exhibited by the hotel manager. First the manager shouldn't criticize his employee in front of guest, should of come to the front at the clerks first call, and should of taken care of my request for a receipt without any additional incidents. Also the desk clerk really should of cared more about customer service and also exhibiting some level of professionalism.

All in all I will never look at staying at a Magnuson hotel again, nor will I recommend the brand to anyone.

  • Stayed: April 2015, travelled as a couple
    • Location
    • Service
7  Thank michele w
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed April 6, 2015

This is the absolute worst place I have ever, ever stayed. The experience was bad from check in to my early check out because the hotel WAS so horrible and the manager' "Johnny" was a class A jerk and terrible human being to boot. First off, the hotel doesn't even have the right name on it, Travel Lodge is on the sign out front even though you make a reservation for Magnuson Inn and Suites! Next when I got there at the appointed time I was told first they couldn't find my reservation, then they found me but had given my room away. They promised me they would make it up to me by giving me the best room if I would just come back after 3pm to which I agreed. If only I had know how laughable "Best Room" was for this place I would have left then. When I arrived back at 3 there was confusion again about where to put me, it was finally resolved I was given keys and my kids and I went off to start our Spring Break only to find the room was already occupied by a gentleman who was nice enough not cuss me out when we walked into the room where he was lying on the bed. I apologized, hurridly fled the room and went straight back to the front desk for the what 4th time now? They managed to give me a room with no one in it which I counted as a plus, but when we got inside it smelled like raw fish/shrimp...some sort of raw seafood. I decided to make the best of it and went to a local dollar store and bought all kind of cleaning supplies and air freshners. Upon making it back to the room I cleaned it from top to bottom, set up air freshners then opened the refrigerator and found out where the foul smell was coming from...a former guest must have had some type of seafood that leaked "juice" into the freezer portion of the fridge and froze creating a constant stink that emmantated from the fridge to smell up the entire room. So once again, I defrosted the funky fridge freezer and cleaned out a black, moldy looking drainage opening in the fridge. Later that night when the kids got ready for bed I decided to check the mattress for bugs, because everything else was wrong with this place. Guess what I found! Yep, some type of little brown bugs under one of the mattresses!!! I freaked out went downstairs to the front desk because the room had no phone, it is now almost 1AM in the morning, the very nice overnight front desk clerk came back my room with me and saw the bugs, she immediately moved me to yet another room (The count is at 3 rooms now). Upon arriving in my last and final room it looked ok at first site, but alas, it was not to be. I had heard that room given to a fellow traveler earlier in the day when I was making one of my many visits to the front office and I was very afraid of walking in on my second person of the day/ night/morning (I'm almost delirious by this time). So the night clerk opend the room for me to check and make sure no one was already in there. Thank goodness there wasn't but that made me start to wonder why this guy was no longer in the room. But I was tired, I wanted to get my kids in bed so I took the room after the night manager went back to get the microwave out of the first room because this room had a fridge but no microwave. We couldn't get it to work first because the eletrical outlets would barely hold the plugs. Anyway got my kids moved in after checking the mattress where we didn't see any bugs. I went to take a shower and found out why the first guy moved! The shower was broken!! There was no way to turn on the water!!! The night manager after my 3rd visit to her as it's nearing 2AM left me with the keys to the old room so I could take a shower there, which I did since I had already cleaned that bathroom myself. The next day I brought the manager "Johnny" to my room to show him the shower and he promised to have it fixed before we returned to the room that night. He also told me to just push up the broken metallic piece that was hanging out of the faucet fixture and to turn the water back off to use the tub stopper and push down hard to turn it back off. I saw a medical accident waiting to happen so I went to Lowes and bought a pair of pliers so that I could turn to shower on and off without injury to myself or my children. Of course the shower never got fixed. That was finally the last straw, so I cut my vacation short, checked out the next morning and told "Johnny" I would be willing to pay for 1 day since I actually stayed one day. He informed me that I checked in on the 2nd it was now the 4th so I was paying for 2 days. He went ahead and ran my card, didn't want to tell me how much he charged me and I had to ask for the genereal managers name and phone number before he would give me my receipt to show how much he charged me. He informed me that if I was dissatisfied I could have left at anytime and he would have refunded my money at that time. I wonder if that included a 1 AM departure with children in tow? Johnny was horrible to all of the guest that I heard him interact with, he was horrible to his own staff who were trying their best and he straight out lied to me by telling me he would get the water/faucet in my room fixed. When I brought that up to him on checkout he told me he had a list a mile long of things that needed fixing and he just didn't get around to me so tuff luck!!! DON'T EVER, EVER STAY HERE!!! THIS PLACE IS A HEALTH HAZARD!! IT SHOULD NEVER BE ADVERTISED ANYWHERE EVER!!!

Room Tip: Never choose this hotel.
  • Stayed: April 2015, travelled with family
    • Value
    • Location
    • Service
4  Thank Myrian C
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