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“Definitely a no-frills, looks-better-on-paper "resort" motel, but still, not as bad as my review will make it sound.”

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Sea Mist Resort Motel
Ranked #7 of 29 Hotels in Wells
Certificate of Excellence
Reviewed 6 May 2010

I just got back from a six-night stay at the Sea Mist, and here are my honest impressions of the place.

Thumbs up. Located on its own side road off of Route 1, you are within walking distance to a small nextdoor bar called Origami to the North, as well as the Scoop Deck, an ice cream parlor, a few dozen yards to the South. As far as driving, Wells Beach is literally a five-minute car ride away, as are many local restaurants. There is no traffic light here, so turning left (South) onto Route 1 would be quite a challenge during the busy season, but it was manageable in May. Turning left off Route 1 to get back to the Sea Mist is considerably easier, because there is a "suicide lane" in which you can wait for a break in traffic.

One other observation about being so close to Route 1 is that there are some units very close to the road, and road noise may be an issue, especially if you go to bed early. It was fine in May, however.

The room is fairly generously sized for a motel, but unfortunately, the poor layout makes it seem smaller than it is. In an ideal layout, you need the following two things to line up:
1. The TV should be directly in front of the bed.
2. The AC / fan / heater should be right next to the bed, or else it needs to be powerful enough so you can at least feel the effects from the bed itself.
Unfortunately, neither of those was the case. You can see why they sort of "had to" lay it out the way it did, but alas, it doesn't quite work well. You just sort of have to "put up" with the awkward room layout in order to enjoy staying here.

The beds are only queen-sized, which of course is not ideal for two normal-sized adults. I would like to see these replaced with Kings, for the sake of personal space and a good night's sleep. Regarding the mattress itself, my wife found it too hard, though I found it just right. The blanketry is fairly standard for a cheap motel; the comforter is a rather thin quilt-like blanket with no filling and very little weight as comforters go. Under it, there is also a fuzzy beige synthetic blanket, and a somewhat coarse, low-threadcount, standard white topsheet. Nothing to write home about, but tolerable.

First off, the TV is placed in front of the sofabed rather than in front of the bed itself. This makes watching TV from the bed awkward and slightly uncomfortable for both people; very much moreso for whoever is sleeping on the far side.

The TV itself was a joke. It was a pitiful low-end 19-inch cathode ray tube TV. It worked fine, but this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, as far as TVs are concerned these days. The picture was so small that the heads-up-display on NESN was cut off. I had to take a picture (see my photos) because I thought it was a rather humorous way to illustrate how pathetic the TV was.

In addition, the TV was accompanied by... can you believe ...a VHS player! Woohoo! A hi-fi VHS player! If only I had known, I might have dug my box of videotapes out of the attic to bring along! In all seriousness, the Sea Mist Motel really needs to update all of its TVs and it needs to add DVD players to the room. The entertainment suite in the room is sort of a joke, as-is; barely adequate for the needs of the modern vacationer.

We roasted in our room, in 65-degree weather, which is just silly. I don't know where the heat was coming from or why the room was so hot. The air conditioning unit itself was rather useless, as it would not stay on, even cranked to Max AC all the way cold. It would run for five minutes then decide to kick off. I wonder if the thermostat was defective or it it was just poorly designed. The fan portion at least stayed on when you set it to Fan Only, but it wasn't cold enough outside for that to be sufficient. And, as I mentioned earlier, the AC unit was too far from the bed for it to do much good.

I did happen to bring my laptop, and I can say that the network here was easy to detect and to connect with. I did experience extreme slowness on the first night, due to poor signal strength. However, this cleared up after an hour or so, and did not recur at all during the rest of the week. It was slower than my wireless Internet at home, but still plenty fast enough to be usable and enjoyable. Thumbs up.

There was also a computer available for use by guests in the main office. I didn't really check this out because I had my own, though I did see people on it frequently. The monitor faces the office door, so don't expect any privacy, if you plan to use their computer.

The kitchenette was a nice idea, but so tiny that it barely served our needs. I mean, the whole point of having a kitchenette is that it's supposed to add value to your vacation by allowing you to eat some meals in the room, avoiding the cost of dining out. Unfortunately, the "kitchenette" comes with the rule: No Cooking In The Room. Gee, thanks. You get a coffeemaker and a minuscule microwave that was probably installed in 1980 and probably has little to no radiation shielding.

On the plus side, they do provide a roll of paper towels, three dish towels, dish soap, and a full place setting for 4 people, and a couple of serving pieces, a couple of tupperware bowls, and a very small (about 5" x 7") plastic cutting board (no knives, though). There is also a mini fridge with adjustable shelving, but no freezer compartment of any kind.

If you wanted to shop at the local grocery store and have cereal and milk, yogurt, sandwiches, or salads, you could probably pull that off. You could also probably store and re-heat restaurant leftovers in the microwave. Anything food-prep-wise beyond that would exceed the capability of this kitchenette. It's probably enough to satisfy the needs of most vacationers, though.

The bathroom situation here is actually not as bad as it looks. The sink is separate from the toilet and shower, which is a good move. The sink is well-lit with a large mirror and good privacy from the rest of the room. The bathroom itself has a very noisy fan that rattled and sounded like it was on its last legs. The lighting in the room is dim, making for a poor reading environment.

The shower had excellent water pressure and consistently hot water. I was impressed.

Strangely enough, the maid kept stealing our soap and replacing it with a fresh bar, which I found unnecessary and wasteful, though I appreciate the thought behind it.

The ice machine here is woefully inadequate. It looks like it was built in the 1970s. It has a bizarre ice hopper mechanism where you need to press a button to fill the hopper like some sort of "airlock", at which point you can then pull down on the handle and the ice drops down the chute into your awaiting receptacle. The ice that comes out is very watery and looks half melted. I get the feeling that this machine is on its last legs and could very easily be overtaxed during the regular tourist season.

Furthermore, if you neglected to stock up on ice before the office closes 9pm, you are S.O.L. This is because the ice machine is behind a LOCKED door in the main office, which guests cannot access once the office closes. This is a horrible decision. Who ever heard of a hotel ice machine that guests cannot access at night? Think about it. When are you likely to need ice? During the day when you're out being a tourist? Or at night, when you're back from a dinner out and looking to pour a nice nightcap? In fact, there is even a sign on the machine stating that it is not to be used to fill up a cooler. So clearly it is not for day use, but for use while you are hanging out in your room.

The Sea Mist definitely gets a thumbs down here. Ice should be made available to guests 24/7. They need to replace their ice machine, and move it to a place where guests can access it at all times. (Or leave the main office door unlocked. Or AT LEAST make it so that our room keys can unlock that door.)

Clothing storage is also woefully inadequate. There are three drawers underneath the TV, and six coat hangers. That's it. You had better be able to literally live out of your suitcase, because you certainly aren't unpacking your luggage in this room.

Thumbs up. This is a bright spot for the Sea Mist. The indoor swimming pool, hot tub, and surrounding outdoor sun deck are actually quite nice. I found them to be clean, updated, and enjoyable. The pool water was warm enough for even my wife, who is fussy (or should I say wimpy?) about water temperature. The hot tub was kept hot enough for our liking, and the jets were in good working order. There are locker rooms and a shower for changing there, if you prefer. (We showered at the pool, per pool rules, but opted to change in our room.) The interior of the pool room is all knotty pine, which, while not particularly interesting, suited me just fine.

The decking on the outside of the pool building provided a nice place to catch some sun without the hassle of schlepping to the beach. Another advantage of the deck is that it is much less windy than the beach. (We actually retreated from the beach to the deck on a particularly windy day.) Although the ambience isn't the best (eau de parking lot) there were plenty of sun chairs and the deck is made of composite plastic faux wood, which is nice for avoiding splinters. (By contrast, the decking outside the bedrooms is made of real wood and is splintery. Make sure you don't exit the bedrooms barefoot.)

There is ample parking at the Sea Mist Motel. It is spacious, well-lit, flat, and in good repair. There is a speed bump to discourage leadfooted drivers. There is also a spot to drop off passengers if you have passengers who have difficulty ambulating. I found it to be a thoughtfully laid out parking lot.

This is another bright spot for the Sea Mist. There is a very nice small swingset consisting of two baby swings and two normal swings for bigger kids or adults.

Additionally, there are three picnic tables, each with its own charcoal grill available for guest use! This was quite a find - If I had known about it in advance, I would have brought some charcoal and some meat. If I ever stay here again, I will definitely plan on grilling at least one night. This is a brilliant and un-advertised feature that can really extend the value of the included kitchenette.

We had a nice experience during check-in with the front desk staff. I can see why some reviewers have said the staff may have seemed unfriendly, though. There were some who gave us funny or suspicious or annoyed looks when we used the pool or entered the office to get ice, like we were perhaps bothering them or interrupting their day, or that they thought we might perhaps be up to no good. I was definitely not overwhelmed with warm-fuzzy feelings emanating from the staff, though they were not overtly rude or apathetic either.

Also, they were consistently using the office phone for personal calls pretty much every time I walked in, although they were very good about hanging up immediately if I needed something. I'm not making excuses for them, but I didn't have a problem with this. I've had friendlier service elsewhere, but then again this is somewhat typical for New England - in general, we charge more for service and the service attitude is worse here than in most of the rest of the country. I wouldn't say this is specific to the Sea Mist at all. I found the front desk staff to be quite "normal" for the region, if that makes sense.

The maid service was unobtrusive, polite, and for the most part, observant. They passed by our room without hassling us, if we hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the exterior doorknob. If we forgot to hang it, they knocked first before entering. If we left for the day, we came back to a clean room with every personal item just as we left it. My only complaint is that I had taken the 2 extra sheets from the sofa-bed to use as an extra sheet on the main bed, and the maid kept removing them without replacing them. So we went from 3 sheets to 2 sheets to only 1 sheet by the end of the week. This was mildly frustrating, but other than that, they did a fine job.

Huge thumbs up here. There were recycling receptacles outside near the stairwells, which I thoroughly applaud. I wish more tourist-driven establishments made it easier for people to recycle. The container was just for bottles, cans, and plastic, no paper or cardboard. Still, it was better than most other motels.

Overall, the Sea Mist was an OK - not outstanding, but fairly decent - place to stay. It's a glorified motel. Or maybe even not-so-glorified. If you compare it to a Motel 6, the Sea Mist probably wins in most areas. If you compare it to a typical RCI "timeshare resort", though, it comes out significantly worse.

Before trading your timeshare week here, you need to be aware that you are trading for, quite literally, a mid-to-low-end motel. It is not upscale, luxury, updated, or full-service, by any definition of those words. It isn't romantic, it isn't classy, and it isn't going to impress anyone.

However, if you have an RCI exchange week to burn, and you want a getaway in Wells, ME with your significant other and/or 1 or 2 small children, the Sea Mist Motel could suit your needs admirably.

I know my review seemed harsh, and there is definitely room for improvement in many aspects of this motel. However, I would absolutely stay here again. For the money I paid, it wasn't too bad a setup.

Hopefully the rough spots I cited in this review will be corrected by the owners over time, but in the meantime, they *can* be tolerated, and you will still have an enjoyable vacation here.

Good luck!

  • Stayed: May 2010, travelled as a couple
    • Value
    • Location
    • Sleep Quality
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
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Reviewed 21 August 2009

We stayed at the Sea Mist because it is pet friendl, they told us there are only a few rooms available specifically for pets. My husband and I travelled with our 2 teenage children. Room was average except it had a mini kitchenette, everything but a stove top. The bathroom had definitely seen better days. Really not enough room for 4 grown people but the price was right. Front desk people were rude when checking in and the couple of times we had to ask for something. The 2 people we encountered cleaning were extremely friendly and helpful. We removed the bed spreads immediately, the blankets underneath were worn and disgusting, 1 had a mystery stain on it. The beds weren't terribly uncomfortable, not positive the sheets were even clean when we got there. As the week went on it was evident that the sheets had not been changed once! The biggest problem is that within 10 minutes of entering the room, my dog began itching a lot. The scratching got worse so when we got home I brought her to the Vet and found she was infested with fleas.....definitely from the hotel room. That got me thinking...........the fleas were not only in the carpet but probably everywhere including the bed linens, I am now completely grossed out. I am trying to find out what the Maine Dept. of Health regulations are for pet friendly hotels. Rest of hotel was fine, nice pool & hot tub, that's why I would recommend it but beware if you have a pet!!!

  • Stayed: August 2009, travelled with family
    • Value
    • Location
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
1  Thank lovemybella
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 21 August 2009

The service at the desk was not very friendly and not informative. The rooms were small, confining, did not have shampoo but made sure to include a make-up removal towel. There is no counter space in the bathroom. The bathroom was very small, as was the TV. The Internet was slow as well. The marquee outside said the rooms were spacious and only $90. We paid nearly double that and the rooms are definitely not spacious. They also do not take AAA but claimed that all discounts they can take off already were.

  • Stayed: August 2009
    • Value
    • Location
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
1  Thank bigalcarp
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 27 July 2009

My wife daughter and I just returned from the three days at the Sea Mist.

It appeared to have one of the better rates on the strip so we booked a head of time. We found that the place only had a few people staying there. All the motels on Rt 1 seem to be hurting with the economy and bad weather in Maine this summer. There are probably better deals to be had if you wanted to haggle, up and down Rt 1, I did not see one no vacancy sign. More than 2/3 of the rooms at the Sea Mist must have been empty, and this was for the last weekend in July.

The reservation was fine, we found our first floor room, easily. The room had a double bed with a pull out couch, and kitchenette. The only thing that kept this from being a full kitchenette was the lack of a cooktop/oven. Everything else was in place.

The room was very clean, comfortable and nicely decorated. As these are condos, the decorations are to the owners taste. The room was a bit tight, but we were really only there to sleep.

It was very convenient to all local service, and despite being on Rt 1, it is set-back and it was quiet.

The pool and hottub were clean, and about average for these types of places. The playground is only a few swings, but they had nice picnic benches and grills that I saw several folks using. We would definitely return in the future, but probably only for a weekend, the room would be too cramped for a full week.

  • Stayed: July 2009, travelled with family
    • Value
    • Location
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
1  Thank Massachusetts_Dad
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 16 October 2008

We always go up to Oqunguit and Wells at this time of year in October. The secenery is very nice and harvest decorations are very colorful and delightful. We checked the price of one place we usually go and it was alitlle pricy. With the economy being the way it is, I wanted to save alittle money. So I found the Sea Mist Resort online and it looked very nice, it had an indoor pool and hot tub which my family enjoys. I booked 2 nights and hoped it was as good as it looked online. When we got there, the resort is away from the traffic in route 1 and had the playground for children as promised. The room could have been more roomy, but it was very clean and comfortable enough for 2 nights: now we wished we stayed an extra night, but had school the next day. Coffee maker was included and easy to make, pool towels provided in the room. Well the pool was wonderful, temperature was good and the hot tub as terrific! I would recommend this resort for families and I would go back.

Thanks for a relaxing time and we will go back for sure.

from family in waltham mass.

2  Thank chickenloverl
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 14 August 2008

We just returned from a stay at the Sea Mist , and although we made our reservation at the last minute, because we were not able to get a reservation at the motel we really wanted, I found from the first phone call,and the person I spoke to, that I really did not have a good feeling about the hotel.
When we arrived, the woman at the desk, was not at all friendly,did not give us any dinner certificates, that they advertise onthe outside of the motel.
My husband said that it was the hardest bed he ever slept on, and we have stayed at many motels in the past.
I was quite taken with the fact, that they did not have plastic cups,and only regular glasses, which they wanted the guest to wash,or else pay a $25.00 fee!!!!! How is one to know that these glasses and cups were properly cleaned by the guest that just left !!! Also, were properly sterilized!!! should they not go through a dishwasher????
While we were able to pay the full amount for this room, we were told upon checking out,that the motel did not honor AARP, or AAA, cd this be the reason it is not AAA apprioved?? In this day and economic times,it is necessary for Seniors to be able to travel,and get a discount on certain things, especially those on fixed incomes.
Before i close, I must mention the housekeeping staff, a lovely woman and a gentleman who spoke with an accent and had a very warm smile, who was kind enough to give us a couple of extra creamers for our coffee!! Only one per room, and one creamer certainly not enough for two cups of coffee!!

  • Stayed: August 2008
    • Value
    • Location
    • Check-in / front desk
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
    • Business service (e.g., internet access)
1  Thank ennis_8
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 20 July 2008

The Sea Mist is a motel conversion so is missing a lot of the features we are used to in a timeshare resort although typical for most Maine seacoast options. We had a one bedroom, which consisted of two connected motel units. Since my daughter ended up not going, we had room to invite my brother and sister in law to stay a couple nights with us. It was nice to be able to open up the rooms and then close for privacy at night. When it was just the two of us we spent most of the time on one side but used separate bathrooms and the extra refrigerator space.

There is just an under counter refrigerator with no freezer compartment. There were so many shelves, I took one out and used it for a dish drainer. There is a small sink and small older microwave. Neither toaster in either unit worked well either. Since it was just the two of us we made do for breakfast and lunch and ate out for dinner. There was service for 4 in each unit.

The mattresses were hard. There was a sleeper sofa also which I imagine would be uncomfortable as it was older. The bathroom consisted of a small sink outside the toilet/shower area. A small open closet space for hanging items and a three drawer dresser was pretty much the space available for storage.

The rooms have free wireless internet and a desk and chair if you want to set up your laptop. The air conditioning works fine but it is the hotel kind that only has the option of running constantly. The noise gets to me eventually but if we shut it off it was too hot. Our window was painted shut so we could not try to sleep with the outside air on cooler nights.

There are two plastic chairs outside the door. If you can sit away from the AC exhaust it is nice to sit in the shade and enjoy the ocean breezes. You can barely get a glimpse of the ocean from the top floors. This is a two story motel, no elevator. We were in units 204 and 205. We did not arrive by the 10:00 check in time so we called ahead and they had our keys and a map to our rooms in a drop box. We checked in the next morning.

The staff was friendly enough. The friendliest was a young male housekeeping / maintenance person that I would guess was not local. He did not speak very good English but he had a smile on his face and always said hello with a smile if we ran into him later in the day. Some of the others were a little grumpy in a typical Maine style. (We’re originally from Maine so have run into this all our lives.)

There are no activities at all. There is a PC in the entry way to the front desk if you need internet and don’t have a laptop. I did not notice a printer. There is an ice machine in the same room but it did not always keep up with the demand. My husband used the pool and hot tub, which was not used very much. It did appear to be nice and clean.

There is no laundry facility so you have to go down the road. We just did laundry once since this was a bit expensive. Housekeeping does towels and trash daily and changes the sheets mid week. The location was the best part of the stay. The area is very nice.

Our dinner recommendations:

Pizza Napoli in Ogunquit, Route 1. New York Style pizza with a light crust and great tasting sauce.

Fox’s Restaurant next door to Nubble Light house at Perkins Cove in York. We searched high and low for fried lobster and my brother in law found it here. You get 2 ½ lobster tails fried in a fine cracker crumb “batter” served with melted butter. Fantastic. Their other entries were very good as well and you get the view of the water and the light house while you eat. If you prefer, there is outside seating from a separate walk up window where they also serve ice cream. Their home made wild Maine blueberry pie was great too. I had to take mine to go because I was too full.

Our other dining recommendation is Perkins Cove Lobster Pound. This has a view of an inlet where some boats are docked.

All are casual dining restaurants.

Although it is missing elements, I would return since it is such a good location. I wish they would set up a small laundry area though.

  • Stayed: July 2008, travelled with family
    • Value
    • Location
    • Check-in / front desk
    • Rooms
    • Cleanliness
    • Service
    • Business service (e.g., internet access)
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Address: 733 Post Rd, U.S. Route One at 9B, Wells, ME 04090-4111
Phone Number:
Region: United States > Maine > Wells
Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Kitchenette Pets Allowed ( Dog / Pet Friendly ) Shuttle Bus service Suites Swimming Pool Wheelchair access
Hotel Style:
#2 Best Value Hotel in Wells
Price Range: $61 - $198 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)
Hotel Class:3 star — Sea Mist Resort Motel 3*
Number of rooms: 68
Official Description (provided by the hotel):
Affordable Resort Motel in Wells Maine with great location near Wells Beach, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. The resort features an indoor pool, hot tub, sun deck and bbq area. Free WiFi, in-room coffee, local calling, use of pool, hot tub and pool towels. All rooms have a kitchenette which includes a small refrigerator, microwave, toaster and coffee pot with free coffee. Full baths, climate control, CCTV with DVD, and hair dryers. The majority of our rooms offer a queen size bed and sleep sofa. We also feature two one-bedroom suites with a separate bedroom and small kitchen, dining and living area. ... more   less 
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Sea Mist Resort Motel Wells, Maine

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