There are 15 companies that provide excellent multi-day raft trips through the Grand Canyon .  These trips range from 1-15 nights in length.  On all of them, you will be camping along the river and escorted by professional guides who will do everything from cheerfully educate you to cooking you delicious meals.  All of these companies (which are private enterprises) are licensed by the National Park Service and have excellent reputations for safety and service.  They all offer slightly different trips in regards to craft type (motor, oar, dory or paddle rafts) and meeting/return locations.  Some offer half trips where you can hike 9.5 miles down or up the famous Bright Angel Trail to join or leave a trip.  And some go all the way to the end of the Grand Canyon at river Mile 277, some even helicopter out or in at river Mile 186, or drive out at Mile 225.  Even fewer offer one night at a working cattle ranch on the rim and one night on the river between Mile 186-277.  Which company you choose will most likely depend on which one has the tour offering that best fits your schedule, interests and abilities.

To get more information about the different Grand Canyon rafting options you may wish to visitOutdoors UnlimitedArizona River RunnersColorado River & Trail Expeditions, Hatch River Expeditions or Western River Expeditions. To save yourself some legwork, you can find your trip through Flagstaff-based Rivers & Oceans; they work with the commercial river outfitters in the Grand Canyon. Their service is free.  For more information on their services, visit or call 1-800-473-4576. Rivers and Oceans is an adventure travel agency, and charges the same fare for trips, as the outfitters. Advantage Grand Canyon is another option for scheduling a trip: or call 1-888-244-2224. You can view their trip finder to search for a Grand Canyon rafting trip by price, length of trip, type of trip and trip launch dates.

In addition, here is a popular one-day whitewater trip operated by the Hualapai River Runners, it traverses through the scenic far western section of the Grand Canyon and the guides are Native Americans Indians.  Geologically the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) boundaries encompass the entire north side of those 277 miles.  See map of GCNP    On the South side of the river, the park boundary ends at river mile 165, where Hualapai tribal lands begin.  The most famous rapid, Lava Falls, is at Mile 179, geographically bordered by Hualapai land on one side and GCNP lands on the other. The one-day whitewater trip is 35 miles of river, starting at Mile 225 and ending with an exciting  helicopter ride out at Mile 260, it is entirely within the Grand Canyon, the north shore of the river is  the GCNP, the South shore is Hualapai land the same as upstream at Lava Falls, the biggest rapid on the river.  

Just above and below GCNP, but within other scenic canyons of the Colorado River are two smooth water rafting trips, also known as "float trips" since they encounter no rapids.   One operates from the base of the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, Arizona to Lees Ferry.  This trip takes you through the 15-mile stretch that is left of the fabled and gorgeous Glen Canyon , now under Lake Powell .  For more information on the Half-Day float trip from Page, Arizona , go to Colorado River Discovery or call 1-888-522-6644. 

The other float trip is Black Canyon Adventures; it floats from the base of Hoover Dam to Lake Havasu .  This trip floats through the ruggedly beautiful Black Canyon , where there are hot springs and big horn sheep are common.  This trip operates out of Boulder City or Las Vegas .   For more information go to Black Canyon Adventures , or call 1-800-455-3490.  

For more information on how to figure out the right trip for you, see this helpful site How to Book a Raft Trip in the Grand Canyon.

For custom group charter rafting expeditions in the Grand Canyon you can contact Colorado River & Trail Expeditions.

 For a list of all the Grand Canyon river outfitters with links to each of their websites, you can go to the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association website at