Restaurant Tipping

Some restaurants, but not all restaurants in Aruba, customarily add a 15% service charge to your restaurant bill. This has been the practice on Aruba for quite a number of years. The restaurant menu may give that establishment's policy, but not always. 

The service charge is pooled and along with their paychecks, goes to the waitstaff, kitchen staff (cook, dishwasher, etc.) & service staff. Where the service charge is included, if you received good or very good service, at your option you should leave an additional cash tip of 5 to 10 % for your server; give this directly to the waitperson.  The best advice should you still be confused about this service charge, is to clarify the service charge with the owner or manager of the restaurant.

In restaurants which do not automatically add the service charge, a tip of 15% - 20% is appropriate depending on the quality of the service you received. 

Upon receiving your bill, carefully review it to determine if a service charge has already been added.  This will be on a separate line and identified as such.  If you are paying by credit card, there is usually a line for "tip" but remember that in order for your waitperson to get this, you should give it in cash directly to your server.