For the most part Aruba's weather is true paradise. Sunny and warm is what you will most often hear from the weather reports. Throughout the year the temperature ranges does not fluctuate much at all, therefore beach lovers and sun worshipers can travel to Palm/Eagle Beach all year round. 

The main worry for travelers in the Caribbean is always in regards to hurricane season however. Because of Aruba's position as a more southern Caribbean island, it generally falls out of the damaging hurricane zone.

Technically, hurricane season is the beginning of June to the end of November. But the Caribbeans people have their own way of remembering with this local expression::

June--too soon, July--stand by, August--look out, you must, September--remember, October--all over.

It's always good to be careful and up-to-date with weather reports during the summer months when activity may be brewing in the area. Choosing resorts that offer guarantees in case weather strikes during your planned trip is a smart move during the at-risk season; some hotels will offer credit back if weather wasn't agreeable during a booked stay. Travel insurance is also always a good idea. In general however, Aruba is a lower-risk island on which to vacation and sunny, warm days should be expected. The other biggest precaution to take is to remember to bring sun protection and moisturizers.