There are many means for getting around Southampton, however renting a personal automobile is not an option.  Each resident family on Bermuda is only allowed one automobile, and by law tourists are not allowed to rent cars.  For visitors to the island, the main options for getting around can be classified by public transportation and personal transportation.

            Buses are the main for of public transportation, and are easily identified by their distinct pink or blue colors.  These buses are very comfortable and are equipped with air conditioning.  The routes are extensive and service the major tourist destinations.  Drivers accept exact fares, tokens or tickets.  Fares depend on the destination, but a one way trip anywhere won’t cost more than $4.50 USD.  Tokens and tickets can be purchased at the bus station. Buying a booklet of tickets is advised for extensive travel.  For routes throughout Bermuda, visit Route Website . 

            Personal transportation options include taxis, motorbikes and bicycles.

            Taxis are quite convenient considering rental cars are not an option.  To arrange taxi transportation, contact any hotel.  The hourly rate for one to four passengers is $36.50 USD.  Distance based rates are also available.  Many drivers are also qualified to be tour guides (signified by a blue flag on the hood).

            Motorbikes are available for hire, but note that road conditions are not great.  Ride at own risk, and always wear a helmet.  Rates per day range from $35 - $65.  Multi day discounts are available from most agencies.  Renting a bicycle is another option, and although much slower, can be very enjoyable.