There is a great deal of information about Cuba that comes from both travel agents and tour operators that is either out of date or incorrect, so this is a basic guide as to what is, and what is not, allowed into Cuba at the present time.

First of all everyone should check this link:

Cuban Customs website

As can be seen, it lists the following items as being allowed:

Photo and video cameras, camping tent, fishing gear, bicycle, sports equipments, laptop computer, equipments for recording sounds.   This includes mobile phones, including those with GPS, also smart phones, iphones & blackberrys, playstations, nintendos, psp's, iPods, iPads. kindles and other tablets.

The following items are listed as regulated because they need a permit from the Minisitry of  Informatics and Communications, so basically you can say they are not allowed:

Stand alone GPS units and satellite phones.

Recently regulations have been changed and the following are now allowed:

  1. Air conditioners of any type or model, if the capacity does not exceed 1 ton or 12,000 BTU;
  2. Kitchens and electric hobs, induction hobs-called, of any model and its power consumption not exceeding 1500 Watt per bulb;
  3. Electric ovens, microwave-called, of any model and toasters.

There is also no problem wearing items of camouflage clothing.

New Regulations:

As a tourist when you leave Cuba you are not now permitted to take out of the country any Cuban Convertible Pesos in any denomination or quantity.

As from late December 2013 you are required to fill out the Cuban Customs Declaration form and hand it in to a Customs Officer just before you exit the Arrivals area where staff are also checking luggage tags to see if they have been marked for further inspection.  You can view these forms by clicking on the following links:

Cuban Customs Declaration Card (front)

Cuban Customs Declaration Card (back)