Many tourists who visit the Varadero area, come with their road bikes so to extend their biking season.  Although the road ways have small shoulder areas, most of the traffic consisting of cars, horse and buggys, scooters, and motor bikes will be respectful of your presence on the road.  The Cuban biking community within Varadero, Santa Marta, Cardenas and Matanzas City is steadily climbing.  It appears most road bikes that are owned by Cubans are either purchased from a tourist or given to them.  Cuban road bikers are known to be great unofficial guides as they too enjoy the bike.  Be prepared to bring all of your bike needs with you, pumps, tires, tools, as they will not be easy to purchase in this area. 

Biking Routes:

  • Biking up the peninsula, you will normally bike into the wind on the way up but it will be a fast trip back.  You will be biking on a newer section of the road, two lane traffic in most parts of the road.  From the canal bridge that goes into Santa Marta to the tip of the peninsula it will be approximately 19k one way;
  • Biking into Cardenas and then on to Colon.  Cardenas is 11k from the bridge, so depending on where you start within Varadero, this can be a pretty good trek.  Other roads to the south of Cardenas will take you into Colon or San Miguel. San Miquel  de los Banos is about 90k round route.
  • Biking into Boca de Camarioca (and onto the airport or into Mantanzas City).  The distance from the bridge to Mantanzas City is a 35k route one way.  It is easy to stop to view the University of Mantanzas. 
  • Biking from from the bridge to Cardenas and onto Cantel is approximately 15k one way.  Another road back from Cantel via Boca de Camarioca is best avoided as it is not in good condition. 
  • Biking to Havana is best done as a group and you might want to plan an overnight at a Casa Particular. 
Biking towards Mantanzas CItyBiking up the airport roadbiking through CantelBiking over the bridge in Boca de Camerioca