History and Architecture During the Day, and in the Night - Casa De La Musica!


For tourists, Cuba is like a real party, full of nightlife, full of dancing, drinking, talking with many different people, making many new friends, and never stop meeting new people.

But in the morning and during the day, they prefer to wander around the city and explore its museums and old buildings while enjoying watching the old American cars passing by. It can get really emotional and they want to know everything about the city.

The architecture of the old buildings in many cities throughout Cuba will astonish the tourists. Amazing old buildings will take the visitors to another world where the time flows in a different direction, in a different way. And it is magical.

Nightlife in Cuba is rich and varied. For example, there are three main places in Cuba called "Casa de la Musica" where the music never stops. Two of them are located in Havana city (Miramar town and Havana Center) and the third one is located in Trinidad city, in the center of the island. Then there are many excellent jazz clubs where excellent Cuban musicians play every night. For a fraction of a price you would pay abroad, you could enjoy a concert of top singers and bands, smoothing the night with excellent Cuban cocktails and even a dinner, if you get hungry.

Or, you can opt for a casino night. Casino is the Cuban name for the music and dancing craze many know as "Salsa".  There are many places in La Habana, but make sure you go to 1830, a spectacular disco in the Chinese garden setting, under the open skies. During the day, the place is a high class restaurant in a beautiful old building, which is something one gets accustomed quickly in Cuba, especially in La Habana, but never gets over it. Make sure you explore the building and the garden when you visit. It is well worth the time.Plus, the food is great and very economical.

Many old buildings of the earlier periods are today theatres, nightclubs and restaurants, and are extremely popular with tourists and Cubans alike. Learning a bit of Spanish may help in socialising and making friends with the locals. It also helps a great eal with ordering the food and the drinks. Not many Cubans speak English, although that is changing with the younger generations speaking more of foreign languages.

Cubans are approachable and friendly. After a coctail or two you will get a handle on the basics of casino, which is much nicer than any other salsa variety in the world. Cuban dancing is just like the country: elegant and unique. And there are tons of great places in Cuba where you can explore it all. After all, that is what the holidays are for.