Cuba is mostly associated with 20th century cold war politics and particularly the worldwide fear of all-out nuclear war between the USA and the then Soviet Union over the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviets planned to station tactical nuclear weapons on the island within reach of America. It is said that the world held its breath 50 years ago in 1962, when the Presidents of both superpowers threatened to unleash a nuclear holocaust.

The crisis was averted, the missiles sent back and the USA punished Cuba by imposing an economic blockade which lasts to this day. Fidel Castro was at the heart of these events and the preceding liberation of the island from American - imposed dictators, who ruled a squalid, corrupt regime with Mafia connections who owned hotels, brothels and casinos to launder criminal proceeds. A new book- Fidel Castro's Childhood- the untold story, avoids these obvious and much-written about events, instead focusing on the rarely known childhood of Castro, an enigmatic, tough, uncompromising and single-minded guerilla leader who became Cuba's communist President.

Fidel Castro's Childhood - the untold story examines those early experiences that made him the man he was to become. Using authoritative sources, reliable evidence and archive materials, a portrait emerges of a complex character who experienced a brutal childhood yet also attended elite Jesuit schools due to his father's self-made wealth. His Mother Lina was 28 years younger than his Father Angel. Both were steeped in Catholic religious beliefs and Fidel himself acknowledges how much he owes the Jesuit teachers at his two Boarding schools in Santiago and Havana. He is on record as citing their example of dedication, selflessness, determination and enduring adversity to reach his goal of freeing Cuba from external control.

Fidel Castro renounced the atheist absolute in the Cuban constitution in 1992, paving the way for two subsequent Papal visits. Cuba's health and education systems are renowned worldwide as is their practical support for poor countries. Existing biographies about Fidel contain missing parts which this book will fill in for anyone curious to understand the motives and personality development of such an iconic political figure. Fidel Castro's Childhood- the untold story is available from  Troubador Publishing at £11.99. The author is donating 10% of his royalties to the Cuban children's orphanage Hogar para Niños sin Amparo Filial Bayamo, Reparto Antonio Guiteras, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba.