Varadero to Havana and Vice Versa

Many tour companies offer tour packages to these very acceptable destinations, but bus journey between the two can be somewhat long and tiring.  In Varadero tourism is very big business and as a tourist on a bus, you will spend a lot of time on either droppping off or picking up guests from the large number of hotels in this extensive resort area.  Make sure you ask about these stops before buying the tickets. there are tours that only drop off people in a few hotels, while others stop 5 or more times along the way.

Some tour companies offer a private taxi transfer between the two destinations. A good recommendation would be to ask your tour company if they do offer this option and, if price is acceptable, take it; at least one way..

Rent a car

Booking a car is not cheaper than abroad so It might be more advisable to take busses or taxies. If you plan to visit the islands, hey are most easily reached by airplane from Havana. Private taxies can be rented out for a day trip quite cheaply, and they only drive you in such a case. The driver may continue to drive around while you are on the beach, but when you are ready to return to your hotel or apartment, they will wait for you or you can call them on the mobile to come and pick you up.

Flight tickets and excursions from Havana

Most travel agents in Havana, for domestic travel, excursions, etc. are conveniently located around Calle 23. It is a block of buildings with most domestic airlines and agencies. Just walk around and ask if they sell the trip you want. Some airlines do not have regular flight schedules and only give the departure time a day in advance. When not enough bookings they might cancel as well, so make sure you choose one of the airlines that has a regular and pre-confirmed flight with departure times.The agencies have their representatives in all major hotels and sometimes they are the cheapest option for the same trip you are considering. While strolling through beautiful old cobbled streets of the city, you will pass by a few hotels so if you are after a nice excursion, do enter and ask the travel representatives about the deals.

For most airfares the transportation to and from the airport is included. BE AWARE: even if you book a return flight from Havana to Cayo Largo, the return airport might be different from the departure airport in Havana. So make sure you book your transportation to and from the airport together with your ticket to avoid being stranded and with limited options for a return to your hotel.


The roads are good, the traffic is low. The traffic signs are of European type and easy to follow.