If you are visiting Varadero a great day trip is renting a moped and driving out to Playa Coral to do some amazing snorkeling. Mopeds can be rented for about $25 a day in Varadero and will get you there and back easily. Earlier in the morning is better because they can sometimes run out.

Driving in Cuba is safe because there are not a lot of cars on the roads. The trip is about 15 km west of Varadero on the highway and then take a left for 1 km. Check out a map to find the exact location.

Here you will be able to do some of the best snorkeling in Cuba. If you don't have fins and snorkel they have them there for rent and there are young men who work for the government parks service that take you out for free. Be generous with a tip. They will take you out for 45 minutes and show you some amazing stuff. Tour companies often spend only 20 minutes and stayed in one spot.

If you get the park attendants to take you out they will show you a much better time. They do not have parks outfits like in North America but just ask and someone will help you. If you are looking for good snorkeling and a bit of an adventure this is a great outing. It is a great way to meet local people and see a part of Cuba that hotel tours do not offer. Plus the whole thing only cost $45 for the day.

There are no Park staff. The guys on the beach, make a living helping people out and selling their goods.

Wear a  rash guard/wetsuit and  be careful around corals specially on windy days. 

This excursion should cost you the scooter rental, gas, toll fees (2CUC each way) and a tip for the guys that help you and watch your scooter.

To do this excursion with a professional outfit should cost you 25-35 CUC which includes transportation.