Ignacio Agramonte Airport, located 9 km west of the city, is the major airport that serves Camaguey. Connecting flights arrive daily from Havana, and the two airlines that serve the airport are Zoom and Cubana airlines. To get to the city from the aiport, your best bet is to either take the bus or hail a taxi. Taxi service to Camaguey will cost about $4.

 Travelers also arrive in Camaguey via bus service from Havana. Viazul buslines offer service to Camaguey on the Havana to Santiago de Cub an Trinidad to Santiago de Cuba lines. Fares from Havana are $33, $18 from Santiago de Cuba, and $15 from Trinidad. Buses arrive at the Terminal de Omnibuses, which is located about 2 km southeast of Camaguey.

Rail service is another transportation option when traveling to Camaguey. The city is located on the main Havana to Santiago de Cuba rail line, and train service is offered daily between each city. The local train station is located on Avenida Carlos J Finlay inside the city central. Every second day there is a train from Habana to Santiago which stops in Camaguey.  It is very slow and often runs late, thought it is a little cheaper than the bus.  It is supposed to arrive in Camaguey in the night (around 2 am) but may run up to 12 hours late, not bad for Cuba.  Foreginers pay in CUC and locals in Moneda Nacional, prices are the same.