The average temperature in Haiti is considered by many to be warm, if not hot.  It stays approximately the same throughout the year in terms of degrees, averaging somewhere around eighty degrees most of the time, although it may vary by about ten degrees in either direction.  However, the humidity changes greatly throughout the year, so it often feels much hotter than it actually is measured to be.

The humidity and rain also vary greatly depending upon the part of Haiti which is being explored.  Average rainfall in the rainy sports is over fifty inches per year while there are some areas which get almost no rain at all.  In general, the major tourist areas are semi-rainy, with two different rainy seasons occurring.  The first rainy season takes place in late spring, usually around May, and the other comes in the fall.  Even during the rainy season, the days are usually fairly sunny, with rain falling mostly at night.  The air is usually thick with humidity on these days, though, and this is when it feels warmest.  From December through April, it is almost always dry and less humid so many people prefer to travel to Haiti at this time.  This is almost enjoyed because it is still warm in Haiti despite being cold in other parts of the world.

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