The average temperature in Gros Islet is remarkably similar from month to month.  Want to visit in the winter?  You’ll find an average temperature of 79 – 80 degrees.  Want to visit in May through August?  The average temperature for each of these months is 83.  Even the average night temperature does not vary much from the day temperature: three degrees at the most.

What does this mean?  It means you can go to Gros Islet any time of year and find a warm sun.  The only other consideration is the precipitation: it rains slightly more in the winter (two to three days more) than it does in the summer.

The real difficulty when deciding when to go to Gros Islet is determining if you would rather go during the tourist high season or during the low season.  Some shops close during the low season, but you will have more room to operate.  During the high season, the place is full of life, but perhaps you’d prefer to be surrounded by fewer tourists.