Many arrive at Catries and Soufriere via cruise ship.  You can also arrive by boat if you own a yacht (or charter one).

If you don’t feel like bringing your yacht out of its yacht-garage, you can fly via plane.  There are many flights from major U.S. cities, like New York, Miami, Chicago, D.C., and Philadelphia.  You will most likely fly into George F. L. Charles Airport or the Hewanorra International Airport.  The fact that two airports serve this area can be confusing for many travelers.  Both airports are somewhat inconvenient, and both have long, potholed roads surrounding them.

Speaking of potholed roads, if you decide to rent a car, drive slowly and carefully, and remember to drive on the left side of the road.  It is standard practice to honk when going around tight turns.

St. Lucia Helicopters can sometimes cut your travel time down and the prices, which cost around one-hundred dollars, are reasonable.

Once you arrive in the general vicinity of Gros Islet, you can take water taxi shuttles between the various islands.  The price of the taxi is very reasonable (one dollar each way).