Weather in the Caribbean is warm all year round making St. Martin the ideal winter getaway. In general the more dangerous months to travel to the Caribbean are from June through November which is hurricane season. If you are traveling during a period that is at higher risk for a hurricane, always check with the National Weather Service's Hurricane Watch center for updates.

Christmas time is very charming in Grand Case, St. Martin. The city is decorated and features a Christmas parade with floats. The city becomes alive with music and dance for the festive spirit.

A great tradition during the months of January through April weekly on Tuesdays is the Harmony Festival. On this night music runs rampant through Grand Case, steel-drums, big brass fill the night with air. The streets are lined with arts and craft stands. This is a great custom to get you in the local action.

Meanwhile, on Sundays there are boat races at Grand Case. Boats racing from Anguilla and arriving at Grand Case show their need for speed for these weekly competitions.

High/tourist season in St. Martin is December through April as it tends to have the safest weather and features some of these great festivities. Whenever you arrive, chances are the sun will be shining over the turquoise blue waters.