The Cayman Islands is a great choice for a Destination Wedding.  First of all, it is very easy and you can get your "full marriage certificate" from the Cayman Islands Registrar of Marriages within 48 hours of the wedding being performed.  This is important for those couples who are concerned about whether their marriage will be legal back home.  Couples from most places in Europe, except the UK, need to get an Apostille.  Your Marriage Officer can take care of this for you.  Couples from the USA and Canada don't need an Apostille.

Cayman Islands wedding officiants perform more than 800 Destination Weddings per year, and weddings are actively supported by the Department of Tourism.  Cayman is one of the few places in the Caribbean which cater for same-day marriages, which means there is virtually no waiting period, and you can get married while your cruise ship is in port, as long as you have the necessary documentation.

All visitors wishing to be married must have their passports, immigration card or ship's boarding card, and if they have been married before, their original divorce decree or spouse's death certificate.  You will have to get a "Special Marriage License" from the Governor's Office.  While you can get this yourself, there is no real savings and it is much easier to have your wedding officiant get it for you, because you must have a wedding officiant before you fill out the application for the Special License anyway.

Wedding officiants in Cayman are licensed by the government.  They are also called Marriage Officers, Wedding Celebrants, or Civil Registrars of Marriage.  Most Marriage Officers are pastors or priests, and they will perform the standard religious ceremony.  Wedding Celebrants and Civil Registrars normally do a non-denominational but spiritual service.  Most will customise your ceremony for you and give you a copy of your vows.

Any wedding ceremony in the Cayman Islands will have two parts required by law.  You will be asked whether there is any reason why you may not be married, and you will be pronounced husband and wife.

The most popular choice for weddings in the Cayman Islands is the beach.  Although there are few private beaches, your wedding celebrant will know which beaches are most crowded, and avoid them.  No wedding in the Cayman Islands can be performed behind locked doors, and you will also need two witnesses over 18 years of age.  Your Wedding Celebrant can provide witnesses if there are just the two of you.

Many people choose to have a very simple wedding on the beach.  The simplest wedding will include the Special Marriage License, the Wedding Ceremony, the Wedding Celebrant, and you will get a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate to take away with you.  You can also choose to have flowers, wedding cake, champagne, photography etc. all arranged by your wedding planner.

Many people say they want to plan their own wedding, and a wedding planner is not essential.  Many couples who have had a Destination Wedding will say that a wedding planner for a Destination Wedding is money well spent, and need not be expensive.  Remember this is your wedding planner's home, and he or she will know where to get the best deals, and how to make sure your special day goes smoothly.  If for example, there is a hiccup, like someone forgot their divorce decree at home; your wedding planner will know what to do.  Besides, the whole point of a Destination wedding is for you to relax, and let someone else handle the details.

The Cayman Islands have many experienced wedding planners; you will be in good hands.