Tipping is usually expected everywhere you go to eat or drink. Most bars and restaurants will add 15% to your bill and you should check before paying to be sure. Your bill will usually come priced in CI dollars with the US$ price below it. If unsure, always ask the serving staff to clarify. The 15% addition is not a legal requirement and you do not have to pay it if the service received was below par.

Remember that serving staff in restaurants and bars generally rely on tips for a large portion of their salary, so please tip them if they give good service.

One confusing issue is that often a bill in a restaurant will include the 15% grautity as well as a blank line for an additional "tip". Most people feel that it is unnecessasy to leave an additional amount because thay have already paid 15%. To clarify, the 15% goes into a pool and is split between all the "lower level" staff at an establishment, including your server, the cooks in the kitchen, etc. If you feel that your server performed exceptionally and was very friendly, attentive, etc., you might consider giving them something extra. You should not feel obligated to leave a tip if you receive average service.