The most serious safety consideration that travelers to Cayman Brac, or to any of the Cayman Islands, need to consider is hurricane safety, the islands being situated directly in a hurricane-prone area.  Hurricane season runs from June through November in the Northern Hemisphere, the warm waters of the Caribbean fueling the powerful and destructive storms.

If you are planning on travel to the Caymans during hurricane season it is important to do a bit of information gathering.   First of all, a day or two before you leave check all weather forecasts to be sure that there are no hurricanes predicted to be in the area during your travel dates.  (If there are, you may be able to reschedule travel with your airline and hotel free of charge.)  Once you arrive at your hotel in the Caymans be sure to familiarize yourself with the evacuation procedures to follow in the event of a storm.  Your hotel or resort should have this information posted.  If not, just ask. 

Another good idea is to purchase travel insurance for your Cayman Islands vacation, especially if you are traveling during hurricane season.  This way in the event that you have to cancel your trip you will get all of your money back to use at a later time.  Ask your travel agent about purchasing insurance.  It is usually relatively inexpensive.