The Cayman Islands lie in a tropical zone, meaning that their weather, at least as far at their temperatures are concerned, changes very little throughout the year.  The average high temperature on Cayman Brac remains in the mid-80's to low 90's nearly every day.  Low temperatures on the island nearly always average in the high 70's. 

The rainy season in the Cayman Islands is during the late summer and fall.  From August through October the islands get between five and six inches of rain per month, in contrast to a mere one to two inches during the rest of the year.  The Caymans are also located in a hurricane zone; they have been known to be hit by powerful storms on occasion.  The hurricane season runs from June through November.

People visit the Cayman Islands all year long, with the majority coming during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere to enjoy the islands' beaches and escape the cold.

For an up to date weather forecast on the Cayman Islands visit MSN Weather's Cayman Islands page.