The islands were at the center of 18th century intrigue between France and England, and as result there are several small colonial forts, which were built to help maintain control of the islands.

Fort Charlotte, named after the wife of England’s King George III (and not the only Fort Charlotte in the Caribbean), was built in 1806 to defend the island from attacks. Ironically by the time the fortress was constructed the era of upheavals had ended and it never had to defend St. Vincent from attack by an invading force. The fortification once housed 600 troops and had 34 guns. Today the barracks within the walls serve as historical museum for the island. The fort is located to the west of the town of Kingstown on the Berkshire Hill. To the south, near Young Island is another early 19th century fortification. Built in 1800 Fort Duvernette can be reached by ferry across Calliagua Bay from Villa Beach.

On the windward coastline there is the historical Black Point Tunnel, which is the only road access point that links the south of St. Vincent with the north, and only one car can pass through at a time. Remarkably the tunnel has survived hurricanes and other natural disasters.