The following is from Profeco, the Mexican Governments Consumer Agency for complaints regarding services in all of  Mexico. The agency treats complaints about companies involved in Timeshare Fraud, Hotel and Retail Complaints, and General Issues very seriously.

They also handle complaints related to various consumer services including gas, telephone, water companies, pharmacies, etc.

It is the equivalent of the Consumer Protection Agency in the U.S., and is quite helpful. They a have a mediation process, and the lawyer at the agency is there to help and assist the consumer.

Profeco - (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor)

How to File a Complaint from Outside Mexico
for goods and services acquired in Mexico that you are not satisfied with.

Attention Foreigners

Profeco, Mexico's consumer protection agency, wants to help people who do not live in Mexico full time. They extend protection to people who do not live in Mexico and acquire any product or service from a Mexican supplier and are not satisfied with the good or service.
If you have acquired any product or service from a Mexican person and are not satisifed, you may file a complaint from outside of Mexico. This is a totally free service and does not require the presence of the consumer in the procedure.

The complaint can be submitted in any Profeco office, Embassy, Consulate or any other official office.

The Profeco address is:
Profeco - (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor)
Av. José Vasconcelos No. 208, 6º Piso, Col. Condesa, C.P. 06140, México D. F.

You must submit the following information:

- A brief letter (1 page maximum, preferably, typed) stating the following:
Supplier's name, address, phone, e-mail or other contact information, description of the facts that explain the reason for your complaint, date of purchase, cost of the product or service, amount you are claiming, your name and signature.
- Copy of your ID (Passport or Driver´s License)
- Copy of your contract or payment invoice
- Copy of your bills, credit card slips or receipts as evidence of your payments
- Copy of all the documents available to support the complaint.

For further information you can contact Profeco at the following numbers:
office is 011-52-55-52111723, fax is 011525552112052, or E-mail:

If you speak Spanish or know someone who does, look up Profeco's web site at:

Special thanks to the folks at the LosCabos Guide for providing the above information.