Acapulco has been known for its fantastic sport fishing for decades. Sailfish are noted for their fighting ability and often spend as much of the battle in the air as in the water and they are numerous throughout the year The Pacific sailfish is almost twice the size of its Atlantic counterpart. It has beautiful colors and its silver and deep blue parts-with golden short Stripes and a dorsal fin with purplish/black spots, makes it the ideal Trophy! These present colors will fade quickly after capture… but are always recovered when doing taxidermy to it. For those fishermen who prefer lighter tackle, there is also excellent small game fishing year-round for bonito, roosterfish, mahi-mahi & tuna, which school in large numbers. DAYTIME DEEP SEA FISHING Deep Sea fishing can be done in different type of boats, renting the whole boat or by the individual fishing line, which consists of sharing the boat with a maximum of six persons. They go after Sailfish, Tuna, and Dorado, from 3 to 8 miles from the shore, depending on ocean currents and the distance of the blue water. They use dead natural bait trolling at all times. NIGHT BOTTOM FISHING Is done with a hand line from a boat anchored within the Acapulco Bay or surrounding area, while enjoying the view of the city lights from out on the ocean.  They fish for Red Snapper and Grouper, using dead natural bait like squid or sardine within others. Once you begin fishing you can start to enjoy your catch broiled on the grill onboard by their staff. Ice, bait, and tackle are provided for all fishing expeditions.

 The below Dive shops also offer deep sea fishing.

Acapulco Scuba Center  [ Website with contact information ]

Location:  Paseo de Pescador 13 & 14 (along La Costera Miguel Alemán near Playa Manzanillo) / Centro 

Hours:  8:00am to 7:00pm,  SCUBA and snorkeling

Offering a full-service dive shop,  classroom instruction & certification,  gear rental,  underwater camera & video rentals,  parking,  pier,  & boats


Divers de Mexico  [ Website with contact information ] 

Location:  Costera Miguel Alemán No. 100 (along La Costera Miguel Alemán near Playa Manzanillo) / Centro 

PADI certified dive masters


Fish-R-Us  [ Website with contact information ]

Location:  Costera Miguel Alemán No. 100 (along La Costera Miguel Alemán near Playa Manzanillo) / Centro

Offering  'pool lessons'  for beginner SCUBA divers  -  and a host of water-related activities
Tels dto: 4400101 / 4409654
Cels:        744-1696969