For tourists, Mazatlan is a safe place to visit.  With that being said, there are a few precautions that should be taken in order to keep things running smoothly.

           The most important thing to bring along to this, or any tourist destination is a hefty dose of common sense.  Like most tourist destinations, visitors who practice good judgment rarely find themselves in dangerous situations.  Mazatlan is Northwestern Mexico’s most popular tourist destination, and over the years, while hundreds of thousands of people have passed through, it has earned a clean and safe track record.  But following a few basic guidelines can only increase the chances for a smooth trip. 

           There is a difference between adventure and danger.  Know the difference.  Seek out adventure jet skiing, parasailing, or skydiving, not wandering around local streets while standing out as a tourist.  Although in general locals are friendly, some look for trouble.  The trouble makers can be easily avoided by minding you own business, and sticking to tourist areas.  Just like any other place, if you look for trouble it will find you.  (Editing this article  to note that tourist areas can and does contain hustlers, and while not dangerous, remain astute)

           Try blending into the tourist crowd.  Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, carrying large amounts of cash, looking flashy, or causing a scene. 

           Make a habit of traveling with a group of people, especially at night.  If this is not an option, inform others of your destination, and take licensed taxis instead of buses or walking.   

           Be careful about what and where you eat.  There are no set rules to dining, but common sense will again go a long way.  If a place looks un-sanitary, don’t eat there.  If a piece of meat looks undercooked, send it back or don’t eat it.  Because there are no guarantees with food, it is a good idea to pack along some basic stomach medicine.

           Stay hydrated!  As most visitors to Mazatlan spend much of their time out in the sun, drinking lots of water is very important.  Faucet water in the majority of Mexico should be avoided, and although major hotels are setting a trend of adding purification systems to their supplies, drinking bottled water (found at any corner store) is still the best bet. 

           Following these basic guidelines, a trip to Mazatlan will be safe and enjoyable.