For those who want something more active from their vacation than relaxation on the beach, Playa Del Carmen has much to offer. Its calm, turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, kite surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling. Along the coastline there are a number of immense coral reefs teeming with an abundance of colorful marine life. The many dive shops along the beach will provide you with whatever equipment you need for various sorts of dive expeditions.

For those who would prefer to be on the water to being in it, there are great opportunities to make a day cruise on a chartered sailboat or catamaran. The vast array of marine life below the surface makes Playa Del Carmen a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. For the very adventurous traveler, a parasailing expedition is a high flying way to get a different perspective of your Playa vacation.

Off of the beaches you can also find in the town a number of gyms where you can get in some exercise, aerobics, weight training, yoga and more. Or the sports center, called the Unidad Deportiva in town, has facilities for those who would like to take in a game of tennis or shoot some hoops. The Playacar Golf Club is an all-inclusive golf resort where your green fee includes the cost of your food and beverages, both from the traveling refreshment carts and from the 19th Hole cafe after your round has finished.

Inter Playa del Carmen is the lower division (minor league) soccer (football) club.  Their stadium is located by 20th Avenue and 34th Street.  Or, every taxi driver in town will know how to find it.  The season runs from August until May, with a break around Christmas.   They have a "split season" and playoffs, so if the team does well; the season may run longer.  As of December 2006, tickets were 50 pesos.  All tickets are general admission.  The toilets are located under the south stand.  The very noisy supporters' clubs ("porras") with their sirens hooked up to generators and drums take up positions near the midfield stripe.    If you want to learn Spanish, boy, will you learn some interesting new words and phrases when the supporters' clubs greet the referees and visiting players.